New LMAS Spin Tactics Are Getting Underway

On Sunday at 10:00 A.M., Metro Animal Services’ $60,000-pear-year communications director sent out a release announcing a press event to occur at 1:00 P.M. that afternoon. On a Sunday. Yep.

Justin Scally was set to appear with Alley Cat Advocates (the head of the group is one of the top Meloche/Zelinsky apologists and continues to spin to this day) to “celebrate the sterilization of its 20,000 cat.”

Scally said in the release, “We are pleased to partner with Alley Cat Advocates,” said Director of Animal Services Justin Scally. “The Trap-Neuter-Return Program is a key component in reducing the number of homeless cats in our community that will likely end up in our shelter. It’s a tremendous savings to taxpayers and ultimately a lifesaver. We will continue to partner with ACA to make improvements for cats throughout Jefferson County.”

Meanwhile, LMAS kills every feral cat it gets its hands on every single day – rather than spaying/neutering and releasing them. Catch and kill, catch and kill.

Alley Cat Advocates certainly does great work. But it’s bizarre to watch them play around with a press event designed to allow Metro Animal Services take credit for something it didn’t have a hand in.

And now we know how this is going to work. Fischer’s M.O. was to get people into place who can spin non-stop with the media.

5 thoughts on “New LMAS Spin Tactics Are Getting Underway

  1. Great work out of that communications director. Three hours notice on a Sunday. Sixty-thousand dollars a year. But LMAS is in constant need of supplies, food you name it.

    Even a complete twit would have to pick up on the fact that it is Alley Cat Advocates that does the spay/neuter, not LMAS. LMAS specializes in the ultimate fix, they kill. How exactly is this partnering- unless of course by partnering they mean simply showing up and trying to soak up good press for something they had nothing to do with and a program that has been going on for years. Partnering implies some action is being taken. Where the hell is that? What are you doing for the animals in your care Justin besides letting them suffer or killing them?

  2. How about this – HELP ACA with their mission so that they can spay/neuter all the cats in a timely manner? I know several who have feral cats on standby and have for months – and in the meantime, they produce more kittens. (They don’t even mind paying for them, but once you get on the LMAS radar with an animal, they won’t let you off the hook.

  3. Is it remotely possible that LMAS will get on board with TNR and stop killing feral cats, like maybe NOW? Or is this just spin in which LMAS pretends to do and gets credit for the opposite of what it does? If the latter, what’s in it for Alley Cat Advocates?

    The head of Alley Cat Advocates, Karen Little, was on the committee that did the performance review of LMAS. The review is good work that has since been almost completely ignored, except when it was twisted to justify ending spay/neuter for the public and to shorten the hours Manslick is open to the public. Is there anyone on that committee that cares about LMAS actually getting better and saving animals right now? Or is it all just PR at the expense of the animals? (And at the expense of some caring staff that are hanging in there hoping that the killing will end.)

    I’ve seen corruption, but I am baffled at the extent of the bald-faced lies that elected officials and heads of educational and non-profit institutions routinely tell, and seem to actually believe. They get pissed when anyone doesn’t go along with stories that are completely and clearly untrue. And people let them get away with it, over and over and over. What is with that?

  4. For years Alley Cat Advocates has provided training and equipment for trap-neuter-release of felines, as well as offering financial assistance for veterinary services and recovery space for cats after surgery. Today in a hastily called press conference, Mr. Scally announced that LMAS is located in the same city as Alley Cat Advocates. Additionally, Mr. Scally pointed out that in his brief tenure as LMAS director, the city of Louisville, and the animals that live there, have carefully avoided the disastrous consequences of being hit by both an earthquake and a hurricane.

  5. Alley Cat Advocate (ACA) volunteers have been working with MAS Animal Control Officers for several years to educate the public about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as a method of keeping community cats out of MAS. MAS is partnering with Alley Cat Advocates on several grant funded TNR programs. Anyone interested in TNR for community cats (stray, feral or abandoned) can contact ACA and learn more about his program or visit the Alley Cat Advocates website.

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