Metro Government Worse Than State Government?

Lost Louisville: Ash Street Station destroyed by fire. Great for history nerds. [Broken Sidewalk]

Louisville is a gas guzzling city with an average of $179 spent on fuel each month — ranked at number 11. []

New favorite way to pass the time: reading Karen Voyer-Caravona’s biking website. She’s a former Tom Owen staffer who moved to Flagstaff, the best place on earth, and writes all about riding her bike. Go read it. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation. [She Rides A Bike]

Can you imagine if Americans lived like this and thought of bikes and groceries in this manner? [NY Times]

Yesterday marked the 90th (!!) day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “Conway is running from the voters of Kentucky who have a right to know answers to the questions surrounding his brother’s compromised investigation,” said Robertson. “We will not stop our Come Clean campaign until the Attorney General either answers our questions or is replaced by Todd P’Pool.” Jack will never answer questions and even his staff are getting frustrated. [Press Release]

Don’t go to Indiana or you’re likely to get killed with a rock. Which is crazier than getting killed by gunshot in Louisville. [WHAS11]

Eleven people died in eleven separate crashes on Kentucky roadways from Monday, July 25 through Sunday, July 31. [KSP Release]

The Princeton Review ranked Bellarmine University among the nation’s best colleges. Check the fact sheet out for details. [External PDF Link]

The new owners are taking over Whiskey Row. This is good, right? Except, of course, the buildings that will be demolished. [WFPL]

Food stamp usage is still on the rise in Kentucky while everyone acts like the statewide economy is puppies and rainbows. [Page One]

A management audit at Metro Sewer District is set to begin next week. Hopes? Predictions? [C-J/AKN]

What? Thefts at Metro Animal Services? Surely not! [FOX41]

10 thoughts on “Metro Government Worse Than State Government?

  1. Metro+Dismas=disaster
    I am a regular John Q. citizen, I live in my home that I pay taxes on, I do not live in work release housing that holds people on probation. I do not go to my place of employment to steal, do drugs, have sex or kick a dog to death. They are not like children, and if they need surpervision maybe some of the luxury sporting box seats money could be spent by Dismas to provide that supervision so as not to drain yet another resource from a source that clearly doens’t have it to spend. If I understand correctly Metro is providing life skills for these people yet these people are screwing Metro every chance they get yet Metro is at fault for not supervising them. So Dismas, step up and supervise them yourself if this is such a viable outlet for your “children with criminal intent”.

  2. Could someone please explain to me why we’re continuing to fuck with Dismas? Why is Metro Government wasting its time?

    This Dismas-gubmint relationship has been a failure for years and it is clearly time to stop whatever the flip it is Dismas has going on.

  3. Maybe Louisville ranks #11 on the guzzler list because our gas is auto-taxed $.25 / gallon to make it cleaner?!?!

    Or perhaps it’s because we (collective drivers) rubber neck so bad, that we waste the gas watching in awe as someone changes a tire. I can’t count the times I’ve been delayed in traffic only to see two people exchange insurance information because they played bumper tag. Kills me.

  4. The reason why we’re eating gas in Louisville is that every time you go to the store or sit at traffic lights for eons, you end up burning more gas. Not to mention people driving lights out at speeds over 55 miles an hour.

    If I recall the ex-Mayor Jerry Abramson took over the state responsibility for road repairs and traffic signals back in 2009. We were supposedly going to get the lights synchronized in a way that would allow for a more reasonable traffic flow yet I see many places too many people sitting at lights forever. Between that and stupidity of using cell phones while driving, that should explain why people aren’t paying attention and one has to sit at more traffic lights than usual. Then again, its just fustercluck brought to you by Louisville Metro Government, Jerry Abramson, Greg Fischer, and the rest of the incompetents.

  5. Want to save on gas? Walk on errands less than a mile. Ride a bike on errands less than five miles.

    I’m giving up my truck soon. I rarely drive it. I understand not everyone can do that, but you can use your vehicle more responsibly.

  6. Bill, that information in the press conference announcing the synchronized lights was supposed to expire in 30 days, along with your memory of it. You should probably go to a doctor outside of the Louisville area, and have that checked. You are not supposed to remember these things for that long. There should be no remnants of Triton Development, Jeels Mellowsh, William Summers sending letters on city letterhead to judges in support of felons, friend and fellow Frost Brown attorney Kimberly Bunton, the tens of millions of dollars lost fighting the firemen, taking money from the old police pension, and so on.

    If you remember any of these, especially around election time, get help NOW.

    Abramson counts on it from all Louisvillians.

  7. I suspect the gas numbers are skewed by other factors. Mint’s data by default categorizes any purchase from a gas station as fuel. I work from home and don’t drive much, may burn $30/month in gas, but my roughly $175/month Camel habit shows up as fuel purchase in Mint so as far as they can tell I spend $200+/month on gas when in reality it’s more like $30 with the rest on smokes. It’s skewed to at least some degree by the higher rate of smoking in this general area than many other parts of the country.

  8. #1 Bob Yates is full of shit. He is well aware of the fact that his “workers”- I phrase that loosely-use drugs, alcohol and consistently violate the terms of their work release. #2 these guys are not on probation. They are felon convicts on work release, they are just not in jail. #3 This is not at all about providing these poor childlike moppets with valuable work skills. If it was then maybe Metro Govt. would hire some of these guys after their release but they won’t. Why? Because they would fail the background check. #4 They do jobs that belong to union workers, and they do them poorly. #5 J

  9. The reason we’re spending so much on gas is, it don’t freakin’ last!!! Drop $20 into the tank one day and you’re filling up again two days later!

  10. Not too many months back I read that the Dismas “workers” were paid a ridiculously low wage per day. What occurred to me was how much was DISMAS PAID per worker per day. I bet there’s a big discrepancy, & that Dismas was making beaucoup bucks on the deal.

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