Louisville Won’t Have Light Rail Anytime Soon

Big chains and government are targeting food deserts. Here’s betting nothing like this happens in Kentucky. [Reuters]

Humana was fined $3.4 million for failing to report Medicaid fraud. Where’s Jack Conway now, eh? [H-L]

An anonymous donor stepped up to give VIPS $75,000. Wouldn’t it be tremendous if, say, people with hundreds of millions in this town did the same thing for other organizations? [Debby Yetter]

Apparently Curt Morrison got arrested trying to protest a Canadian pipeline in Washington, D.C. [HuffPo & Curt’s Site]

Really, it’s silly for Judy Green to continue trying to delay her removal hearing. Louisvillians want to send her corrupt butt home. [WAVE3]

Norfolk, Virginia gets a light rail system and Louisville can’t even build enough sidewalks for people to walk on. [WaPo]

Just how many cyclists and pedestrians are going to get hit by cars and die in Louisville? [Formerly FOX41]

If you haven’t had something from Morels Vegan Food Truck yet? Something is seriously wrong with you. [Consuming Louisville]

Jockey Calvin Borel was arrested for DWI in Indiana. [H-L]

It’s absolutely hilarious to watch people in the West End think a wet-dry vote is going to solve all of their problems. [WHAS11]

Really? You folks are going to spend up to $125 to hear Bill O’Reilly speak? [Business First]

The Little League World Series is once again a hot topic in Louisville and North Oldham is advancing. [WLKY]

There’s a benefit concert for No Kill Louisville on August 28 at Phoenix Hill Tavern. [NKL]

4 thoughts on “Louisville Won’t Have Light Rail Anytime Soon

  1. my father, a resident of norfolk va and generally a conservative of the “less taxes!” camp, is in LOVE with the new light rail system. it was a hard sell in norfolk, but once the city bought in, they went for it.

    he likes it so much that he spent most of his birthday riding it – said he felt like a tourist in the city where he’s spent most of his life because it connects so many important parts of the city.

    we could do it.

  2. We can’t get a damn bridge built here. What makes people think a light rail system could be built here?

  3. Thanks for the shout-out.
    The 1,700 mile pipeline is not only a Canadian pipeline but is planned to run from Alberta to Texas refineries and pump millions of barrels of oil/day. As my cellmate Bill McKibben has said over and over, it will be the fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the planet. Nasa scientist Jim Henson says it will be “game over” for our climate if Obama allows it to be built. Yes, after spending 52 hours in jail with Bill McKibben, I will also be name-dropping him kind of uncontrollably until this country solves the climate crisis.

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