LMAS Same Day Media Alerts Are Just Silly

It’s 10:33 A.M. and Metro Animal Services’ $60,000-per-year communications director just issued a press release.

For an event at 12:00 Noon.

That’s a 1.5 hour lead time. Meaning most television outlets would have to scramble to get there. You’d think someone getting paid so much – with so much experience – would be able to effectively work with the press to make things happen.

The presser is set to discuss “three extremely serious animal abuse and neglect cases in Louisville resulting in the death of numerous dogs.” But no mention of the animal abuse and neglect and killing of thousands of cats and dogs at LMAS facilities.

Show up if you so desire. LMAS, No Kill Louisville, Shelby County Humane Society and HSUS are all apparently involved.

11 thoughts on “LMAS Same Day Media Alerts Are Just Silly

  1. Unless it’s a REALLY slow news day, no one will be there. The day’s assignments have already been handed out, and I wouldn’t call this “breaking news.” The LMAS director knows this … or he is just a complete moron.

  2. This was set up yesterday and major news was notified then… And to question the subject matter as being significant is moronic as well.To take the time to show the city what type of cases are seen every day at MAS is worthwhile if only to show that part of their area is animal control as well as running a shelter… There are crazy people out there doing terrible things to animals and if one can be brought to justice because of this release isnt it worthwhile????

  3. That is not true.

    No Kill Louisville wasn’t even notified until late last night. Major news stations (the one I work at) were notified when this website was.

  4. not what you thought..just been doing my job….. I wrote what i was told and my source is very credible…. were all news sources informed yesterday, including one where watcher is?? I truthfully am not sure BUT am 99.9% certain most were at least given a headsup…. Was nokill called?? maybe and maybe they couldnt connect earlier…. who is to say for sure?? All i can say is it was a worthwhile get together if anything comes from it…. the 3 cases were horrific and are not that far off base with what they face day in day out….. they are trying….would be a positive if we could acknowledge that and give them credit when it is due…….

  5. Adhra2001, there have been people doing terrible things to animals inside LMAS as well, and no-one has been brought to justice for it. Apparently, if it’s institutional abuse, bringing the ‘crazies’ to justice isn’t as worthwhile.

  6. You are going to compare these cases with something that happened at Manslick? If you are talking about putting animals down, no comparision…. If you are talking about little heat, a/c, or holding animals without meds as they are not off hold yet, no comparision… These animals were horrifically treated by someone and just let out to die… If you really feel that is happenign at Manslick then you have no clue on what happens there…..Yes, animals are put down and sometimes even maybe before their time….BUT no animal is treated anywhere near what these were and it is sooo wrong to even intimate that even here where I am sure some will agree fully with you………and if you are against bringing these actual crazy bastards to justice, sorry to know you………

  7. Save the manufactured indignation.

    I’m referring to animals being denied pain medication for days after receiving grievous injuries. I’m referring to ‘humanely euthanizing’ kittens with a needle to the heart. Starvation, drowning, being crushed, the denial of the simple humane treatment any animal deserves. I’m referring to pets – family members – being stolen from their homes only to be ripped apart by an unrestrained, undoubtedly mistreated, animal in that mismanaged chamber of horrors you are scrambling so hard to defend.

    At least the lowlifes you’re going on about don’t pretend to be helping while they commit or continue to allow these heinous acts.

  8. Manufactured indignation, indeed. And a nice little straw man you built up there at the end. It’s pretty insulting that you are saying that others “have no clue” what’s happening at Manslick. It’s really not that hard to see inhumane treatment happening there every day. Not because the employees are bad people, but because the system is so incredibly broken. And do you REALLY think it’s not cruel to withhold pain meds??? Or to not provide an underweight, thin coated puppy – or any dog! – with enough heat in winter? If so, I think I can speak for a lot of us in saying we’re glad not to know YOU.

  9. A2, no one is against prosecuting animal cruelty, we just want to see the laws applied to government agencies as well as private citizens. The press conference is sleight of hand: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain stonewalling on an investigation of cruelty at LMAS! Just look at our world class, innovative animal control agency going after those horrible people out there, and forget about the horrible conditions in here.” Bullshit. Too bad that once again NKL is falling for it, and so are way too many others.

    By the way, how about the latest crop of dogs only promoted by volunteers, not by LMAS, with a deadline (literally) the day BEFORE the big adoption event at the Zoo–which is also barely being promoted. World class. Yeah.

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