Judy Green Continues To Waste Your Tax Dollars

You should definitely be taking part in the Third Annual Golden Poo Awards. We’re on Day 5! So make your nominations now. [Page One]

While MSD isn’t formally part of Metro Government, it most certainly can be sued like it is and it has to abide by open records laws. [C-J/AKN]

If you owe child support, you need to pay it. Don’t have a kid if you aren’t willing to foot the bill. [FOX41]

Judy Green’s attorney, paid for with your tax dollars, says the Ethics folks misread the ethics law. [WFPL]

Remember when everybody had a fit over John Yarmuth supporting health care reform legislation? This should throw water on the mouth-breathers who proclaimed he was lining his pockets. Almost Family’s profit fell 41%. [AP]

Yesterday marked the 117th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “Reasonable people wonder how the state Attorney General can just sweep charges this serious under the rug,” said Robertson. “Kentuckians don’t want corruption in their state government and they sure don’t want an Attorney General that hands out favors for his friends and family.” [Press Release]

There is some sort of robot thing in late October that you may be interested in. [Consuming Louisville]

Should we all hold our breath on the reopening of Kentucky Kingdom next year or not? [FOX41]

Jack Conway appointed a special prosecutor to investigate his opponent, Todd P’Pool. [Page One]

If you frighten meemaw when you visit late at night, she’s probably going to shoot you. [WAVE3]

This is so surprising. Such a shocker! The public wants an East End bridge built over the Ohio River and they don’t want to pay tolls. [C-J/AKN]

Local Ford employees say they are considering whether or not to authorize a strike. [WHAS11]

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  1. WHY is Green showing such desperation to keep her council salary & stay where not wanted, when most dentists can make a very decent living? Ah – she’s waiting for her inevitable appointment to the teaching staff at the dental school AT U OF L.

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