JCPS In Good Hands & LMAS Still Up In The Air?

Steve Henry apologist Larry Zielke finally got pushed to a shorter contract at MSD. [C-J/AKN]

How frustrating is it to watch once-great journalist Kerri Richardson go from where she was to Steve Beshear obfuscatologist and apologist? [Page One]

Yesterday, Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal for the 96th day: “Jack Conway had the perfect opportunity at Fancy Farm to come clean to Kentucky voters about his involvement in this affair,” Robertson said. “I guess Jack just isn’t as tough as he told everyone at Fancy Farm he is.” [Press Release]

Yesterday was Justin Scally’s first day at Metro Animal Services. He was apparently excited to start “innovating” with all of his “experience” that Greg Fischer sought. [WFPL]

That g-d ark park is getting a 75% property tax discount for THIRTY YEARS. That’s on top of the tens of millions in breaks from the state and the $200,000 thrown in by Grant County. [H-L]

Guess Louisville isn’t the only city with its panties in a twist over food trucks. And what was that, again, about Greg Fischer “doing something” about it? Riiiight. And don’t worry about Metro Council doing anything – Jim King is too worried about re-election and whether or not he’s given the Democrats enough money not to primary/attack him to be concerned with new tax revenue for the city. [Nashville Scene]

Lost Louisville: the Van Camp Building on Shelby Street. Dig in to some history. [Broken Sidewalk]

The new director of Metro Animal Services says there’s lots of work to be done. Here’s hoping he can do it all while lowering the agency’s kill rate. If he fails, remember that this is Greg Fischer’s doing. If he succeeds, it may be the only thing Fischer gets half-right. [FOX41]

Oh, and Justin? We’re not bickering over your age. We’re bickering over your complete lack of experience, the fact that you were selected for your experience – which even Greg Fischer admits you don’t have and your history with an organization focused on working against no-kill goals. You’ve got the support of the community but if you can’t handle concern, questions and criticism? Leave now. Because we’re watching and your job performance will be discussed because you work for us. [WHAS11]

What? You still need proof that there’s a special relationship between your hometown paper and the governor’s office? [More Page One]

Donna Hargens says she’s got a 90-day plan that outlines her five top priorities for Jefferson County Public Schools. [WAVE3]

Michelle is giving away some cookbook to make you super-fat. But it’s probably worth it. You’ve got until Thursday to enter. [Consuming Louisville]

9 thoughts on “JCPS In Good Hands & LMAS Still Up In The Air?

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the CJ story on the $20,000 the school board is spending on a PR firm that is advising them to keep their mouths shut. This is on top of the $344K (according to the reporter’s Twitter page) that the district’s THREE PR spokespeople make!!!!

  2. MSD paid $5,900,000 during the past 66 months to its attorney to keep the crap flowing through the sewers. That’s $89,393 a month. $558.00 a day. Wow! I never knew there was that much legal work required to move the crap through the sewers.

  3. Dr. Hargens is an excellent choice and we all need to give her some breathing space and support what she is doing. The mess SB left will take some time to dig out of.
    It would be helpful if Dr. Berman would stay in Oregon–he plans to be here for the opening of school!– and stop feeding stories to Toni Konz that are fictional and make him look good.

  4. One priority for LMAS is to stop their stupid practice to limiting fosters to Jefferson County only. I say if there are animals on the ET list and we have bona fide fosters from Oldham or Bullit , etc. let them foster the animals. It is the No Kill way. LMAS would rather kill them.

  5. In regards to Kerri Richardson, didn’t she work for Jerry Abramson for a time back about 2006 to 2008. That right there would teach one about how to obfuscate and outright lie. Its sad too because she used to do some good work. But when you have Beshear and Abramson, well its not that hard to start covering for them. They have a history of covering their tracks.

  6. The thing is that there are over 300 plus employees of the Jefferson County Public Schools that make over 100k a year. 330 I think to be exact or pretty close to that.

    The PR Spokespeople for the JCPS make 119k and 83k respectively. Lauren Roberts and Ben Jackey of formerly WLKY fame make those figures and for what. I’m not just picking on them because there is plenty more rotten fruit and rotten trees that need to be investigated. Why in the world do we need 330 employees of the public schools here in Louisville making over 100 k a year. How many of you are making 100k? Most of these people aren’t actual teachers, principals, or educators. They’re just extra dead weight that the system has to carry. Is it any wonder why nothing really gets accomplished at Newburg Road at the administration?

    Not only that but for years the JCPS has been in the bottom 20 to 30 percent of Kentucky schools. Not to mention that Kentucky schools are among the worst in the country when it comes to education and state rankings. Kentucky ranks 47th in college attendance by percentage and among the worst overall state systems. Yet Louisville is one of the more prosperous cities in the state along with Lexington and Northern Kentucky. So that means they have adequate funding to do the job but millions and tens of millions are misspent on the busing issues, excessive salaries, etc. Its no longer about education but instead just to make sure they keep paying 100k plus for all of those politically connected types and meanwhile young people graduate without learning to spell.

    After all, look at the websites of the local TV and birdcage liner newspaper and you can see that even the people in these journalism positions often have spelling issues. That or they can’t get their facts straight.

  7. Bill makes a good point. The two JCPS staff PR people make combined over $200,000 a year plus benefits. Out source the PR job to a PR agency for $20,000 per 3 months work and JCPS cuts expenses by over $120,000. Same probably holds true for many of the other 330 JCPS employees making over $100K if the work they do is outsourced.

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