Is A UofL Pill Dealer Is Flying Under The Radar?

We hear through the gayvine that a University of Louisville athletics employee was indicted in July for trafficking pills on campus.

But there’s been no mention of it in the press.

Could it be that when you make more than $50,000 per year and work for Tom Jurich you just don’t get noticed?

The world may never know.

6 thoughts on “Is A UofL Pill Dealer Is Flying Under The Radar?

  1. “Nothing New in Card Sports”

    Reporter: “What’s this about an athletic employee being indicted for pill-pushing on campus and no word reaching the public?”

    Athletic honcho: “Absolute hogwash. As our President warns, don’t believe all the anonymous crap you hear around here.”

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. The local ‘athletic club’ masquerading as a university is capable of just about anything.

  3. “Athletics & Academe, One and the Same”

    Card Honcho: “Highlander, if you studied Greek, you would know that there is little difference between ‘sports’ and ‘academe’.” The former encompasses activities that bring amusement and/or relaxation. Our ‘academe’ is indeed amusing and relaxing to the point of being ridiculous. Both are shared interests–one we fervidly love, the other we barely tolerate.”

  4. Old news that occured over a month ago. Involves 2 soccer players. I am honestly suprised nobody has reported it since the team is ranked #1.

  5. No, it doesn’t involve soccer players. It involves the ticket lady.

    Don’t you people realize this isn’t just a rumor? This site only publishes things as rumor to push the rest of the press to start researching.

  6. So the ‘ticket lady’s a pill pusher’!! Isn’t that wonderful. Watcher, I have a couple querstons (sic) for you — is the ticket lady a taker , too or just a pusher? Where does she ‘push’? Lastly, if she ‘pushes’ does she have any ‘pull?’

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