Information From LMAS Animal Cruelty Cases

Here’s an update from Metro Animal Services:

August 10, 2011: A neighbor called LMAS to file a complaint on an address in the 6800 block of Manslick Road. Officers were barely able to approach the property due to flea infestation. A search warrant was executed and three deceased dogs were found in the residence. Kelly Stice is now wanted on three felony counts for torture of a dog and three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. It is believed the suspect abandoned three dogs in a residence for up to six weeks without any care allegedly causing their death.

August 22, 2011: A caring citizen called LMAS about an injured dog on the 1900 block of Shepherdsville Road. Officers found the grayish/brown pitbull in the bushes in horrendous condition, screaming in pain and unable to walk. Skin was detached from the mouth, paws and legs. Blood was extreme around the dog’s eyes, the lips were torn and there was what appeared to be severe bruising near the back legs. For humane reasons, the pitbull was euthanized. Preliminary Necropsy tests from the University of Kentucky Diagnostic Lab show burns on the front half of the animal.

August 24, 2011: A Good Samaritan brought a brown/white female beagle into LMAS’ Manslick location. The beagle was found on the 4100 block of Greenwood Ave. She had a severely embedded collar duck taped around her neck. No Kill Louisville immediately offered to help by paying the veterinarian bills. Shelby County Humane Society has taken over medical and foster care. Thanks to amazing team-work, the beagle is doing well in foster care.

If you have information leading to the arrest/conviction in any of the three cases, please call Metro Animal Services at 502-574-5399. The Humane Society of the United States is assisting by offering a $2,500 reward for all three cases.

Here’s hoping the HSUS will throw similar amounts of money at LMAS to pay for animal food.

5 thoughts on “Information From LMAS Animal Cruelty Cases

  1. So true Jake. Time after time HSUS offers rewards for perpetrators because it furthers their mission of appearing that they save animals and thus donations pour in. However, not one time in the past when they were asked to do something about Meloche, Zilensky, the lack of heat or circulation, lack of food and medicine or the horrific conditions at LMAS and the suffering and killing including now did they open their GIANT purse and offer funds to fix anything. Nothing has changed!!!!!Just like Memphis!!!

  2. How about the results of an investigation into animal cruelty AT Louisville Metro Animal Services, perpetrated BY Louisville Metro Animal Services?! Oh wait, there are no results because there is no investigation!

    So how about investigating the horrendous conditions at LMAS that result in a staggering rate of severe respiratory infection among cats and dogs who are allowed to live long enough to get sick?

    And how about investigating the decision to leave at least one and possibly two dogs with newborn puppies in those horrendous conditions at Manslick–despite offers to pay for boarding them at a nice, clean vet’s office or boarding facility, apparently because the offer came from “the enemy” (yes, me).

    Convenience killing by shelters is the number one cause of death for pets in the U.S. LMAS, which highlighted these three cases but kills about 8000 animals every year, is a much greater danger to Louisville animals than almost any Louisville resident will ever be.

  3. Eileen, it is unspeakably horrendous that they would turn down your offer. I didn’t know that there were two dogs with pups, but I’ve been watching to see if Nana had anyone to take her. Unfortunately, we are full (but even took in a 3-legged cat Monday night that was going to be “gotten rid of” if someone didn’t take it). I’m not going to hold my breath for an investigation, but I pray someone steps in from the State and demands one.

  4. Shelli, I don’t actually know that they turned it down. I never got a reply from anyone, but that is par for the course with LMAS. As far as I know, though, they would rather risk the mothers and newborns catching pneumonia than reply to me, ask the public for help, or reach out to local vets. The money I would have spent is now going to help Shamrock Foundation’s Arrow Fund with a couple of the neglect cases they have pulled from LMAS, dogs that have developed severe respiratory infections. Those dogs suffered cruelty at the hands of citizens, but it’s Manslick that may end up being the death of them. I believe that is the Mayor’s fault and responsibility, and the Council remains complicit.

  5. It seems that MANY dogs are getting severe respiratory infections at Manslick. Is this simply because of the lack of a clean facility? Lack of ensuring hands are properly sanitized between handling of animals? I feel extremely blessed that the two girls I pulled this summer did not have to go through this. (The facilities there are nothing short of repulsive.)

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