How Much Cash Can Uncle Jimmy Let Disappear?

Of course the editorial board would lightly chastise Greg Fischer over the least ridiculous thing he’s done in months. [-C-J/AKN]

You should probably nominate someone for the third category of the Golden Poo Awards ASAP. This one involves pearl clutching – the most insincere kind! [Page One]

Just in case you were wondering where some of those University of Louisville equine grant dollars went? [Click At Your Own Risk]

One shyster after another at the University of Louisville is swindling hundreds of thousands of dollars per pop. Jim Ramsey usually knows about it looooong before it gets investigated. And you folks in Frankfort keep thinking it’s a-okay to continue down this path. [WHAS11]

There will be no delay by the Metro Council in Judy Green’s removal hearing. [FOX41]

If you grow up starved of calories, you could have a greater risk of heart disease. Early diet matters. This is why kids shouldn’t go hungry. [BBC]

The new superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools says the district is committed to diversity. [WAVE3]

There’s not going to be any “research funding” left at the University of Louisville if people keep swiping it without any oversight at all. [C-J/AKN]

There’s a new store opening on Westport Road and all kinds of artists will be there. [Consuming Louisville]

Jewish Hospital cut 155 positions. 30% through attrition. The rest got offered severance or comparable positions. [Business First]

Here’s a look at TARC’s fancy LEED Gold-certified maintenance facility. [Broken Sidewalk]

Metro Police are looking for a Good Samaritan who helped an injured city worker. [WLKY]

11 thoughts on “How Much Cash Can Uncle Jimmy Let Disappear?

  1. Our federal STIMULUS dollars at work.
    Sidewalks, bike lanes, health services(that got paid, but never finished the paper work) all overseen by an admin making $100,000+ a year.
    Thanx JERRY.

  2. “Manure Pile at Belknap Gets Higher”

    Reporter: “Mr. President, weren’t you once the state budget director–an office handling auditing and accountability?”

    JR: “Yeah–and don’t start any anonymous crap,”

    Reporter: “Why so many snafus on your watch on audits and accountability? Do you know what those terms mean?”

    JR: “Spell it out. No need for innuendo and anonymous crap.”

  3. Based on the clickatyourownrisk clicky I clicked on, it appears the lady at U of L’s Equine Program had her own “stimulus” program going on!

  4. Answer to the question about Uncle Jimmy — as much as he can UNTIL an officer of the law, with subpoena power, OR a taxpayer with loads of $ and a taxpayer’s lawsuit challenges the bloke in a courtroom. It’s just like Jer’s Cordish ‘deal’ – an ‘inert city’ (with a newspaper that plays favorites) will do NOTHING until someone stands up and takes the ‘arrows’ and demands action. IF Wendell Cherry were alive, today, they’red be ‘hell to pay at the Belknap campus’ – because he never, ever put up with ‘idle crap.’

  5. James Ramsey, U of L, and the rest of the clique running the athletic program masquerading as a university need to be investigated for their financial mismanagement. James Ramsey has proven that he is not cut out for the job as a university president when obviously under his watch the Robert Felner fiasco and other dungpiles happened. Including this current fiasco and other violations of law such as the open door records.

    It’s quite a shame that a good investigative reporter such as Mark Hebert ended up going to work for U of L and being silenced because he works for Ramsey.

    Not to mention the facts presented by others on this blog regarding the poor quality education institution that it is becoming. A nice athletic club but failing in its fiduciary responsibility to the students and taxpayers of this Commonwealth. There needs to be a full accounting of these misdeeds, corruption, etc and its time to clean out the horse barn because its getting quite deep at Belknap.

  6. JCPS “diversity” — My grandson’s family made a request for at least 3 other middle school options, but were turned down. So, instead, he was assigned to his “neighborhood” school – where he is one of 5 “white” students in his class. And this is east of I-65. On a positive note, he says he likes his new school.

  7. “Click at own risk” — how better to showcase the EXTENSIVE, colorful tattoos all over your body? And why pay for such artwork if you are doomed to cover them from dawn to dusk with “professional clothing?”

  8. @Jake – I didn’t say there’s ANYTHING “wrong” with tattoos (if paid for with legal earnings). With regards to showing them off in scanty panties – IF YOU’VE GOT ‘EM, FLAUNT ‘EM (but again, with legal earnings).

  9. @Jake – I made the error of NOT immediately clicking the link that was provided in Ott’s C-J 1/2-million dollar story – to read the “63036206 Equine Investigation Report.” But now ALL TRACES, except the title, have been deleted from every Web site that ran it or copied it. No cached views, either. Did you get to see it before it became invisible?

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