Good Morning. Here Are Some Negative Things.

Is anyone shocked that Tina Heavrin, Jerry Abramson’s former “special counsel,” is now general counsel for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services? Are you shocked that she is fighting against releasing records that should be public? Here’s betting her job wasn’t even posted publicly. These tired, recycled people need to leave public office so this state can eventually recover. [Debby Yetter]

Here’s even more on the story from Lexington. [H-L]

Want to win tickets to the Kentucky Bluegrass Festival? Here’s your chance. [Page One]

Yesterday was the 105th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson has questioned Jack Conway: “It’s unbelievable that no one involved in this scandal has ever faced any consequences,” said Robertson. “The unaccountability of what is supposedly the chief watchdog for our state is not only appalling, but embarrassing as well. If Conway has nothing to hide he needs to come clean and restore his dignity.” [Press Release]

Just what the University of Louisville needs – another scandal involving one of its coaching staff. [FOX41]

Remember the man in Shelbyville who had his penis unnecessarily amputated by a doctor in Louisville? That case is set to go to trial. [HuffPo]

Everyday citizens can’t afford to deal with the legal system when they get screwed over. Here’s a perfect example. [WAVE3]

Just what downtown Louisville needs, right? More overpriced housing that absolutely no one can afford. [Broken Sidewalk]

Really? You folks are shocked that opening day for Jefferson County Public Schools went more smoothly without Sheldon Berman? [C-J/AKN]

Wait, this is a thing that is really necessary? It’s almost as if already having ten thousand similar publications riddling the city isn’t enough. [Consuming Louisville]

Seems like it was yesterday when the University of Louisville said there would be no changes in services offered after a hospital merger. And whattya know? That still couldn’t be further from the truth. [WHAS11]

It’s great that Yum just spent a million bucks trying to fight hunger in Africa. We can’t help but wonder, really, how that million bucks could impact a region like Eastern Kentucky. That’s enough cash to combat major food issues in the mountains. [Business First]

5 thoughts on “Good Morning. Here Are Some Negative Things.

  1. “Cards Go South for Talent”

    Prof. Pessimisti: “How did the Cards land ten football players out of the Miami area?”

    Prof. Optimisto: “We do have a solid honors program.”

    Prof. Naiveff: “Phenomenal recruiting efforts in south Florida?”

    Prof. Skeptican: “A lot of ‘splaining to do.”

  2. “A Cardinal Sin in Medicine”

    Dr. Iratate: “Who makes the decisions in this damn hospital?”

    Dr. Loyola: “Go tell it to the Archbishop–he’s the honcho here. May God bless us all.”

  3. What’s really NEGATIVE is that yet another animal that had rescue was put down yesterday. LMAS – who doesn’t do any advertising to find animals homes and puts it all on the backs of rescues – gave those very rescues the 48 hour notice on a large number of animals. Yet Washington, an adorable pup, was put down. WHY? How long is this sickening behavior going to be allowed to go on? I know there are some good folks that work at LMAS, but how can the ones that commit these horrid acts live with themselves? Are they getting a sick kick out of this?

    If anyone would like to see Washington, please go to the Derby City Dog Rescue fb page and look at the photo album of “Gone, but not Forgotten” – be ready to shed some tears.

    And if anyone has connections to get this broadcast on the local news stations, I beg you to do so.

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