Fischer Transparency? Riiight. Conflicts Abound

We raised questions last week about the Courier-Journal’s, ahem, willful forgetfulness when it neglected to mention that Greg Fischer owned Dant Clayton– a company that yanked down a million-plus dollar tax incentive.

There’s no doubt the company is solid and likely deserves the incentive. We weren’t questioning that. But WFPL did:

According to the secretary of state’s website, Fischer is still an active officer with the company as of its February annual report. However, mayoral spokesman Chris Poynter says Fischer sold all of his stock to other investors two months ago and won’t benefit personally from the deal.

“The company came up for incentives after the mayor was no longer an owner. He was not involved in that process,” he says. “You’d have to maybe ask GLI or Dant Clayton about that.”


Fischer still owns half of a building located in west Louisville that is being leased by the company, Poynter said.


Asked if Fischer had any knowledge of or involvement in the incentive package since taking office before or after he sold his stock, Poynter only said the mayor recused himself from the process and that his chief of staff, Ellen Hessen, signed all the appropriate documents associated with the deal.

Who really believes Dant Clayton and GLI started talks, agreed and sealed the deal in the two months since Greg Fischer sold his interest in the company?

Joe Reagan needs to keep Fischer happy in order to justify has fat salary. Especially since Greg Higdon served as Fischer’s campaign economic development chair. (Higdon and Reagan aren’t fond of each other and Higdon allegedly wants another shot)

Owning half of a building that’s leased by the company? Uh, there’s a giant conflict of interest wherein Fischer is directly profiting.

Fischer hit Hal Heiner during the mayoral race last year over his River Ridge property – saying it could be a conflict of interest. Hypocrisy much?

How’s that transparency Greg Fischer promised you working out, Louisville?

5 thoughts on “Fischer Transparency? Riiight. Conflicts Abound

  1. Fisher is in over his head. I supported Jim King but don’t think he will run against Fischer As a registered democrat since I was 18 I voted for Heiner in the general election. Sure hope he gives it another run. I would even kick in some money for Heiner this time.

  2. I no longer think Greg is in over his head. I think he does all this shit purposefully.

    Even an idiot could pull off at least half the things he tries. He can’t pull off anything. That takes skill.

  3. Errata [I believe]. It’s not “Greg” Higdon. It’s “Steve Higdon.” Steve used to be the head of GLI, before he left to go to some real estate developers offices — and real estate developers are ‘sucking wind’ at the moment. Steve has young kids to support and is (probablly) looking around.

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