Feds Always Build Hideous-Looking Facilities

Construction watch: the hideous Broadway federal building is nearing completion. [Broken Sidewalk]

Yesterday marked the 97th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson has questioned Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “Kentucky voters are wishing they could recall Jack Conway because of his poor judgment,” Robertson said. “If Conway doesn’t answer these questions, voters will return him to life as a private citizen on November 8th.” [Press Release]

Tell me if this sounds familiar! Detroit’s Department of Human Services spent funds for the poor to buy gift cards. [Detroit Free Press]

Seven Jefferson County Public Schools schools that were overhauled got preliminary approval for $4.7 million. [C-J/AKN]

Murder charges against Trey Zwicker’s step-brother (in his death) may end up being dropped. What a horribly sad situation. [FOX41]

As Kentuckians, you already know why quilts matter. But this is worth your time. [Consuming Louisville]

Really, dragging a school bus driver off the bus? People like that shouldn’t be allowed to have children. [WLEX18]

Have you seen this silliness involving a Kentucky State Senator in San Antonio, Texas? [Page One]

PETA can’t stand for leather goods to exist because it doesn’t want animals to die. But it’s a-okay to euthanize dogs and cats in mass quantities. [WHAS11]

No major changes are planned to shorten Jefferson County Public Schools bus routes. So we’re in for another year of people freaking out. [WAVE3]

The Louisville area ranks 47th when it comes to personal income. [Business First]

A second Metro EMS employee is connected to improper drug possession. [WLKY]

2 thoughts on “Feds Always Build Hideous-Looking Facilities

  1. “Thanks for Everything, Mitch”

    “I am pleased to announce that the great city of Louisville ranks 47th among all the nation’s metropolitan areas for personal income. If I may speak frankly for a moment: This shows that my so-called fat-cat philosophy of propping up the rich has truly trickled down to the masses. May God continue to bless us all.”
    –Your Humble Servant in the US Senate

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