Fancy Pants Bourbon Books Give Away Thing

Okay, here is the deal.

Louisville politics and Kentucky politics suck you-know-what.

So I bought ten sets of these two TERRIFIC bourbon books to give away:

Leave a comment on this post or email Jake (if you’re skeerd) – letting us know what drives you to drink and why you love bourbon.

We’ll draw winners sometime on Sunday evening.

P.S. If you don’t win? You should pick them up at your local bookseller or order them from the University Press of Kentucky.

15 thoughts on “Fancy Pants Bourbon Books Give Away Thing

  1. Bourbon is one of the great wonders of the world. I tried to be a wine drinker but never took to it. I’m now a bourbon snob and can’t image life without it. I am so proud to be in Kentucky where I can taste a wide variety of the finest bourbons in the world. Can’t wait until the Pappy Van Winkle 23 year comes out next month!

  2. My WIFE usually drives me to drink, she usually drives me down to the corner bar in my neighborhood & drops me off about 7pm.

  3. The Earth embraces the flow of water, and the human body embraces bourbon. As above, so below. It’s the very nature of things.

  4. Bourbon’s just downright tasty, when it’s done well. There’s just something about that smooth burn in your throat and fire in your stomach that’s very alluring. I think bourbon was actually my first real adult experience with liquor and I was an instant convert.

    As to what drives me to drink, I don’t do a lot of it because if I drank every time my job or the economy or reading about what goes on at LMAS made me want to I’d be drunk most every waking minute (and more than a few unwaking ones). So I try to enjoy in a celebratory way instead. Good bourbon’s too fine to waste on being sad anyway.

  5. What drives me to drink: my kids, my husband, my job, the stupid, politicians, overpaid administrators, and my mother.

  6. The taste of good bourbon drives me to drink. I agree with Kim regarding the burn and the fire.
    But the best reaction to bourbon occurs in the mouth where your taste buds caress the complex combination of grain, charred oak and whatever other flavors the distillers add. Though my user name implies otherwise, I actually prefer good bourbon without any additives, other than a few cubes of ice to chill it. However, I generally keep a bottle in the freezer so that I can drink it cold and savor the unadulterated product.

  7. Born and raised in the Bourbon Capital of the World – Bardstown, KY. I love Bourbon and the entire process and history behind it!

  8. as a non-native kentuckian, i’ve loved learning about the state in a by-the-drink sort of way. always on the rocks, so i can decipher differences (even with my limited descriptive flavor vocabulary).

    i enjoy learning what distillery each bourbon comes from, where it is, and what sorts of stories attach to it.

    and, on top of everything else, for a declared kentuckian, it’s the patriotic thing to drink!

  9. Really, you need to ask what drives us to drink?
    Anything with “Metro” in the sentence is a good start. Dear ol Judy is a good one also.

  10. What drives me to drink? Politics as usual in the state of KY.

    “Welcome to Kentucky! Only slightly less draconian as Tennessee!”

    Also, I grew up very near to the best Bourbon ever made, Maker’s Mark.

    I drink Bourbon because it’s good all year, all situations, and is one of the most delicious alcohols out there.

  11. The complexity of flavor and the variety of manufacturers could lead to a lifetime of trying new bourbon.

    Plus most bourbon is from KY so I take some pride in that fact as well.

  12. Whenever I think the whole world has gone wonkers – tailgaters, Perry Clark, people who park their baskcarts in the middle of the aisle – Bourbon reminds me that life is good and sweet.

  13. Vitriolic rhetoric drives me to drink. Visiting the distilleries and learning more about Bourbon makes me enjoy it.

  14. I drink because it tastes good, also, I’m new to Kentucky, so the variety of bourbons around here drives me to attempt to try as many as possible and understand the differences…

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