Did LMPD Give Up On Compton Because He’s Gay?

Will LMPD ever find the body of Andrew Compton or has the department given up on the case because it involves some gays? We bit our tongues for quite a while but Robert White has a bit of a problem brewing with some groups beginning to ask questions. [WAVE3]

Two more Transportation Cabinet employees have been fired. We hear Billie Johnson and her dad, Bill, haven’t contributed to Steve Beshear and his candidates for some time. Bill did, however, donate to the Fletcher-Pence inaugural committee. So time sheet violations? Haha. Right. This is Beshear firing her because her family dislikes him. Just like he nixed Jerry Lundergan’s Kentucky Horse Park contracts. [H-L]

Yesterday marked the 103rd day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway: “It’s time for Conway to tear down his wall of silence and answer the questions about this investigation,” said Robertson. “Surpassing day 100 of this saga without a word from Conway is beyond outrageous. It’s time for our Attorney General to be held accountable and come clean.” [Press Release]

The Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen is moving to Frankfort Avenue – just across the street from the new Comfy Cow. We’re all going to get super-fat. [Broken Sidewalk]

What is it with teabaggers trying to re-segregate the public school system all over the country? [HuffPo]

We hear through the gayvine that the head of Metro EMS may possess a New York drivers license. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that disqualify him from, you know, heading up his agency? And his family still lives in New York – there’s no way he’s in Louisville permanently. [Deep Metro Failures]

Look how confused Greg Fischer, Chris Poynter and Robert White look while they’re trying to figure out the Twitter. [C-J/AKN]

Remember that time over the weekend when the apocalypse hit part of the Highlands? [Consuming Louisville]

What? TWO Oldham County schools hit with Title IX violations? [WLEX18]

Still without electricity? LG&E explains the order in which customers get power back. [FOX41]

An Australian man was arrested in Louisville on charges of strapping a fake bomb to a girl outside of Sydney. This was apparently a big deal and every outlet in the city is obsessed with it. [H-L]

A bankruptcy judge approved of the Louisville Orchestra’s plan. [Business First]

Seems like just yesterday Masterson’s was standing at this location in Old Louisville. [WHAS11]

15 thoughts on “Did LMPD Give Up On Compton Because He’s Gay?

  1. Interesting thought about Richmond – Louisville used to have the policy that employees (with certain exceptions) had to live in Jefferson County and directors, etc. had to actually live IN Louisville. But apparently that is no longer the policy? Where does it actually SAY that the director has to live in Metro? Seems logical that they should, and they used to have to, but what is the rule now? I know a lot of employees live outside the county now.

  2. As for Compton, at some point, you have to give up searching, sadly. Searching in that environment is truly a needle in a haystack. I can’t recall enough of the details, when did this happen, when was he actually reported missing and when did they actually start looking? Given the number of people that go missing (usually not really missing) every day, how quickly should officers move on these cases? Most are just miscommunications, after all – husband reported missing by wife because he got mad and stormed out, or he TOLD her he was going to visit his brother Bob and she forget, and his cell phone battery was drained so she couldn’t reach him, etc.

  3. I don’t buy your assessment on young Compton. If the statistics regarding % of population are anywhere near accurate, then there are probably 60-80 cops on the force who are gay. The real problem is that a lot of crimes go ‘unsolved’ simply because of the limited manpower. When obvious ‘clues’ come up ‘zero’ then other crimes occur, which require attention and the unsolved ones get more unsolved.

  4. Jake, some thoughts regarding the 8/13/11 storm damage: With far-reaching belt-tightening, apparently NO financial relief is to be provided, federally nor locally, including spoiled food replacement for food stamp recipients or “free” debris disposal. I can see the local food pantries being left with bare shelves, & property – private & public – left with piles of over-sized yard waste. At some point Greg will take a hit for “lack of compassion” or inadequate response to citizens in need.

  5. Greg won’t ever take a hit.

    Democrats in this town are fucking cowards. They’re literally terrified to criticize or question him.

    It’s the end of the world when you speak up and ask anything of the main pockets of wealth in this town.

  6. Jake is correct about That!….If you dare to question or disagree, you are put in the “freezer”….and you will suffer the pain of everything they can throw at you to Fuck you!

  7. Whoever it might be that is sounding the gay discrimination alarm ought to ask themselves how many times they’ve seen or heard that many LMPD officers and employees sifting through a garbage dump for days on end. Then they can sit back and point fingers at the very people who went that extra mile in the beautiful landfill to try to locate Compton’s body.

  8. Agreed that Fischer like Abramson before him and then even Harvey Sloane before him don’t have the plumbing to ask tough questions and do what needs to get done. That or they can’t answer the questions you have directly because they have to cover their own ass.

    The political system here is a joke and I’ve been a registered Democrat for 20 plus years. Its not the Democratic party of other places or previous times. They have to cover their asses about everything or don’t have the plumbing to do what needs to be done. Same goes for the Congress when it had the power in 2009 and 2010 when Democrats had a majority. They could have shoved any bill down the throats of the Republicans but wanted to compromise. Now we’ve had the debt debacle and frankly they could have fixed the problem over a year ago.

    Greg is barely intelligent enough to concoct his own sentences and schemes especially when Chris Poynter and the rest of the political hacks do the dirty work and answer the BS questions. Same goes for certain media in this town that doesn’t have the guts to grow a set and ask the tough questions. This blog and a couple of others aren’t that way. They have the guts to piss off people and do what they feel necessary.

    Hell, if this keeps up I might have to move to Lexington to find work and improve my career. Louisville is becoming backwards as hell with the local morons running things. Which is sad because Louisville could have nice things but doesn’t want to for some really stupid reasons.

  9. Richmond DOES NOT work at U of L ER, he did for a while and then asked to leave. He does not have privileges in any KY hospital. Another thought – he drives a car with lights and siren, but has not taken a emergency vehicle driving course anywhere.

  10. Our “real” police didn’t sift thru that stinking landfill. It was the unseasoned newly minted graduates who were on probation that were directed to “do the dirty.” So I felt particularly sympathetic. (The landfill search for Andrew’s body was pursued after O’Bryan “confessed.” Was that other bag supposedly containing his possessions ever found? Was it also trashed & taken to a landfill? Collected by the same sanitation company?)

  11. G-town, since our police have already been grossly mismanaged into be undermanned in order for mayor big head to hide city money in his past budgets by having 125 funded but unfilled police slots, then one can understand the use of the recruits to sort through the trash. But to counter the argument, their were also many sworn officers out there as well.

    The problem with missing persons, is that often, many of the “missing” either want to be missing or don’t know they are missing. This makes investigating the truly missing a very hard job.

  12. Gil is right on point, there are probably 10-12 missing reports taken a day by LMPD and other agencies in Metro Louisville, but only a handful are “real” missing people. You just don’t know until well into the situation which ones are truly missing.

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