Day 6: Who’ll Get Indicted Or Investigated Next?

The Third Annual Golden Poo Awards kicked off last week, so be sure to make nominations for the other categories.

It’s your chance to give back to the folks who “run” this state. You’ve thought long and hard about rewarding them and you know giving them a golden pile of poo is the perfect payback.

Get in on the previous categories here:

  • Most Constipated Politician – For the Candidate Who Campaigned for Something and Was Counted On to Bring It…. But Couldn’t Produce Shit When the Pressure Was On [Day 1]
  • Worst Example Of Total Incompetence From A Local Or State Official In An Appointed Post [Day 2]
  • Most Insincere Moment Of Public Pearl-Clutching [Day 3]
  • Individual In Politics Or Media With The Worst Diarrhea Of The Mouth [Day 4]
  • Positively Vomitous Case Of Of Do As I Say, Not As I Do [Day 5]

Here’s today’s category, so have at it:

Politician Most Likely To Be Investigated Or Indicted In The Next 12 Months

Good luck narrowing that one down to just a single individual. In Kentucky.

To nominate someone, please CLICK HERE (it’s easier to corral all comments on one site – your nomination will not be considered if you don’t follow directions). Be sure to detail exactly why they deserve the award. If you can make it funny? Please do so.

Make it happen!