$30,000 For That Faux “Survey”? Really? Wow

Stephen George is leaving his job as editor of the City Paper in Nashville to go to work as press secretary for U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee. Another great journalist lost to politics. [Nashville Post]

Really, what the hell is with Metro EMS? Is the entire place falling apart? [FOX41]

Why wouldn’t these folks work against Jack Conway, who only pulled this for-profit stunt to try to get re-elected? It’s not illegal as long as it’s not state government. He had zero interest a few years ago when he was approached. For Allison Martin to call it desperate for Sullivan to support Todd P’Pool is about as hilarious as watching her have to defend her boss and her colleagues when she knows they’re full of it. [John Cheves]

Is there something to worry about on the University of Louisville Hospital merger front that no one is considering? We take a deeper look later today. [Page One]

Remember that bogus “survey” Greg Fischer’s administration spent $30,000 on last month? The one asked next to nothing about merger? Well, turns out, that survey was able to reveal that Louisvillians are generally satisfied with merger. Yeah, we know, this is pee-worthy hilarity. [C-J/AKN]

Restaurant sexytime extortion lady, Karen Sypher, has until Friday to finalize her appeals. [WAVE3]

Yesterday, Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 98th day in a row over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “I’m sure Jack Conway has set some sort of record for his evasiveness and refusal to answer the simple questions we have asked of him,” Robertson said. “If Conway has nothing to hide, he should answer the questions before his streak reaches day 100.” [Press Release]

Some parents are threatening to keep their children out of Jefferson County Public Schools over the busing dispute. How typical is that? Force your child to suffer on the educational front because school leaders are idiots? Yeah, that’s the ticket. [WHAS11]

Looks like Perry Clark has gone full-on teabagger. Look at the mindless slobs he’s dredged up from the bottom of the teabagger river. [We Get Comments]

Zen Tea House on Frankfort Avenue is closing and reopening inside a restaurant on Bardstown Road. [Consuming Louisville]

Cable and satellite television providers are losing subscribers in droves. Maybe Insight wouldn’t have people dropping like flies if it spent a little less on mailers for “Insight Phone” and a little more on providing actual service. [HuffPo]

If you’re on East Market Street or Main Street on a regular basis, you’ve seen the Lincoln Elementary construction transformation in process for a while. [Broken Sidewalk]

Louisville apparently ranks high for volunteering. Maybe because no one has a job and has plenty of free time. [Business First]

7 thoughts on “$30,000 For That Faux “Survey”? Really? Wow

  1. “Force your child to suffer on the educational front because school leaders are idiots.”?? Come on! You are forcing your children to suffer on the educational front by leaving them in the public school system — kudos to ANYONE who wants better for their kids than the crappy system we have in place now at JCPS, and it is only getting worse. And the fact that JCPS school leaders are idiots, only ensures things will not be improving any time soon. Parents are also a big part of the problem, though, as pretty soon they will expect the school system to bathe, clothe, feed, and completely raise their kids for them (Wait …. what am I saying. They expect the school system to do that now as well! ) Who has time to teach the kids anything anyway!

  2. $30,000 for a survey of 1800 people, that’s $16.67 per person interviewed. Is that even a statistically significant sample size? What is the margin of error? Why do they even survey the public if they are unwilling to listen to what a super-majority of the population wants on other issues such as the economically detrimental and socially unjust downtown Ohio River Bridge Project?

  3. Just make a trip to Kroger on the average day and you can see how bad the JCPS schools truly are and many of these people working there and going to the store are in the 30s to their 50s. Not even kids. Its obvious the JCPS has been a mess for a couple of generations.

  4. Ok, having a little time to peruse the survey.

    They surveyed TWO PEOPLE in zip 40225 – which best I can tell is the zip code for GE alone. Does someone actually live there? (I’d never heard of that zip before, had to research it.)
    They surveyed 6 people in 40177 – which comes back to West Point – which isn’t even IN Jefferson County. There are, apparently, a few houses with that zip code in Jefferson County – but I guarantee not 1700 of them – that’s the population of West Point as a whole.

    I found it a bit horrifying that almost 25% of Jefferson County does not know for sure who provides their fire protection services. The question about paying more is skewed, as a city resident, I already pay for full-time paid crews, so no, I don’t want to pay more – only those who currently do NOT have that should have been asked that question.

  5. 7% of the respondents did not know how their garbage was collected/paid for – that’s crazy. And the comments indicate that many still believe that the USD residents get free pickup – and do not comprehend that USD residents pay 3x the property taxes as county residents to pay for that service (among other things).

  6. Approximately 1/2 of the folks 35 and younger did not realize that USD residents pay more to get more – and even in the highest grouping, age 51-65, less than 75% know that. This explains the constant harping that city residents are getting services “for free.” Trust me, my property tax bill makes it clear I’m not getting any services for free ….

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