Yup, Sheldon Berman Made Millions Off Of JCPS

Yeah, that’s right, Sheldon Berman made MILLIONS while he was in Louisville.

From Toni Konz:

Now that the contract between JCPS and incoming Superintendent Donna Hargens is signed, I decided to take a look at how much money the district paid former Superintendent Sheldon Berman while he was here.


So, the overall grand total for four years is — $1,324,249.00.

That doesn’t include any secret money he made from boards he was affiliated with. Like the ones he served on JUST to make money from the district for which he worked.

How pissed are you right now?

Once hell stops freezing over, the water mains stop breaking and everybody stops dying of the heat stroke, we bet you’ll be pretty pissed.

This is why Louisville can’t have nice things.

4 thoughts on “Yup, Sheldon Berman Made Millions Off Of JCPS

  1. This ONLY totals the $$ that he ‘directly’ banked. It doesn’t even approach the taxpayer $$ he has ‘blown’ on the outrageously failed busing experiment (after Judge Heyburn dissolved Judge Gordon’s 30 year old busing order) OR how much taxpayer $$ he has ‘blown’ on legal fees supporting his ridiculous daydream. My guess — is that the actual # exceeds $300mm in the years he was here (counting gasoline, bus purchases, bus repairs, unneeded drivers, etc.).

  2. “Shelley’s Millions and Minions”

    It seems to me that Berman played the violin on and with JCPS due to several factors: (1) his ability to spread new delivery systems (some close to him); (2) the national craze for school systems to compete against one another and his capacity to use that craziness; and (3) the inability of JCPS to establish and maintain higher levels of transparency as to what Shelley was doing. Like Felner at UofL, the man simply ran wild with little administrative accountability to tie him down.

  3. Taking bets on how long it takes Berman to be indicted in his new job. 2-5 odds? By the way, can anyone name the last competent JCPS superintendent? (that would have been VanHoose, you have to go back that far……)

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