Yup, Judy Green Will Forever Embarrass Louisville

The Metro Ethics Commission is set to deliberate the second complaint against Judy Green. [WFPL]

So you can be sure Judy Green is going to be foaming at the mouth worse than us for some time to come. [WLKY]

Why in the shiz is $37,000 being spent on a “public opinion survey” to determine the pros and cons of merged government in Louisville? [C-J/AKN]

Just in case you needed proof the Courier-Journal is a shit show lacking any integrity. [Page One]

Can you believe this crazy LG&E murder-suicide? Jesus H! [H-L]

Really, it’s enough to scare the bejeebers out of anyone. And not just because it was at an LG&E facility. [FOX41]

Now LG&E is re-evaluating its security and gun policy. After a murder-suicide. [WHAS11]

Every media outlet in town is going balls-to-the-wall with coverage of the incident. [84WHAS]

Greg Fischer is holding a few forums soon. You should go press him on Metro Animal Services shenanigans. [More WFPL]

Get hungry because here is some unofficial food news for the month of July. [Consuming Louisville]

Go read this story about a good samaritan. It’ll warm your heart for sure. [WAVE3]

Really, is this Todd Blue demolition bizarre or what? [Broken Sidewalk]

1 thought on “Yup, Judy Green Will Forever Embarrass Louisville

  1. Now — on Todd Blue — Come on. I’m quite familiar w/these buildings in that I’ve passed them on the street (to and from work) for the last 45 years. They are atrocious. We just can’t save every building just because it was built 100 years ago. If we had done that for the last 40 years, downtown Louisville would truly look like a 19th century museum piece — and we’re in the 21st century. So saving and restoring a little is fine — but when we try to save every crappy building in town — we’re going ‘overboard.’

    If we would have saved EVERYTHING we’d still have the Indian tents on the waterfront and the tree that Daniel Boone (supposedly) pissed on when he looked westward.

    A little common sense would be appropriate, on this one.

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