Woah, Louisville’s Got A Washington, D.C. Problem

Of course the University of Louisville Hospital merger is insane. Of course it’ll still happen. [WFPL]

Friday marked the 80th day for Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson to question Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “This has turned into a marathon campaign,” said Robertson. “Who would have thought that Kentucky’s chief law enforcement officer could go 80 straight days dodging questions about his involvement in a very serious and legitimate conflict of interest?” [Press Release]

No one is happy about the University of Louisville hospital merger nightmare. [FOX41]

Jill Biden will attend the USO Homefront Concert at the grease bucket downtown tomorrow night. [Bluegrass Politics]

The Indianapolis Zoo got a new 238-pound baby elephant. Louisville is officially jealous. [Reuters]

If you missed it, the Kentucky Democratic Republican Party is now solidly aligned with former Ernie Fletcher indictees and is taking mountains of cash from them. [Page One]

Tell me if this sounds the least bit familiar: a Washington, D.C. city council member repaid $300,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging he diverted public funds from youth programs to pay for luxury cars and expensive trips. [WaPo]

A Lexington house offers clues into the life of a little-known yet acclaimed black horse trainer. [H-L]

A lot of people have a lot of questions to answer about this teenager’s death from hyperthermia. [WAVE3]

It’s a terribly sad situation. We hope the family gets the answers it deserves soon. [WLKY]

The Louisville Zoo foundation won a Toyota Highlander through a fancy “100 Cars for Good” Facebook contest. [Business First]

7 thoughts on “Woah, Louisville’s Got A Washington, D.C. Problem

  1. I think I would wait to see what facts play out. Unfortunately, it appears that it’s a case of a really really tragic failure accurately communicate and understand the victim’s condition between the step father and the medical staff inside the center.

  2. According to all the media outlets that carried the Norton Healthcare statement. The Immediate healthcare facilities are not setup to treat some immediate care needs. If that is the case, then don’t put the word immediate to describe the health service people assume you are providing

  3. Perhaps a little focus should be placed on insurance companies like Humana during this horrible tragedy. An “Immediate Care” facility just like the one mentioned is exactly where Humana wants those it insures to take themselves and their family when situations that appear emergent to the non-physician/laymen occur. If one chooses instead to go to the emergency room and the situation, once diagnosed by the highly trained medical staff, is deemed not to have been an “emergency”, then Humana denies the claim and the insured is stuck with the costs. This has happened to me. I’m not a doctor and if the symptoms appear emergent to me based on my little medical knowledge, then I go to the emergency room. I’d rather be stuck with the cost than experience a tragedy. With policies like the Humana’s, this will happen again.

  4. The Stepfather took the kid to the nearest available medical facility. That just makes good sense.

    The failure was the Immediate Care Center’s.

    Given that they “didn’t have the medical facilities on site to care for the kid, responsible medical professionals would have

    A: told the stepfather to bring the kid into the air conditioned facility.

    B: Called 911

    C: began providing first aid for heat related emergencies.

    Instead they left the kid in the back of a pick up during the hottest part of the day and let him continue to soak up some rays.

  5. Least they could have rendered aid while waiting for EMS, That center is FULL of resturants with ,ICE MACHINES….how hard would it have been to have someone take two minnutes had gather enough ICE to cover the kid !

  6. That place has al least 6 ice machines within 100ft. Seems like someone could have used some common sense!

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