What ELSE Can Go Wrong In Louisville This Week?

This is the most ridiculous shiz I’ve ever heard. A law firm saying that inbreeding skews data linking mountaintop removal to birth defects. Worse than Bob Farmer. It’s enough to make us hope every mouth-breather in Appalachia succumbs to Darwin’s theory. Jesus. [WFPL]

Yesterday marked the 69th day of Jack Conway’s refusal to deal with the scandal involving his brother and Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned him: “Jack Conway continues to strike out in the judgment department,” said Robertson. “I cannot understand why this man finds it beneath him to admit what he knew, when he knew it and why he failed to publicly report a compromised drug investigation.” [Press Release]

Food deserts? If you build it, they may not come. A shortage of healthy food is not the only problem. [The Economist]

WFPL has yet another new reporter. At least one organization in town isn’t dying from being horrible. [More WFPL]

The University of Louisville is continuing its westward push with a new recreation center. [Broken Sidewalk]

So this happened and it sucked for a lot of people yesterday. Dang. Of all days for that to occur – when it was hotter and stickier than balls. [WHAS11]

Everybody freaked out and 75,000 people were without water. It was crazy. [WAVE3 Here, Here & Here]

Jefferson County Public Schools approved its contract with new Superintendent Donna Hargens. Here’s hoping she’s absolutely nothing like Sheldon Berman, who admitted to being on boards so they could profit off of JCPS. (You never heard the C-J write about that, did you?) [FOX41]

This isn’t exactly what we think of when it comes to East Market Street but it’s still an interesting place. [Consuming Louisville]

Discount tickets to the Kentucky State Fair are apparently no on sale. [84WHAS]

We’re all loosely shocked at the epically bad decisions Republican candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture Jamie Comer has made over the past week. To think he was the darling of everybody – including the Democrats – just a week ago. [Page One]

8 thoughts on “What ELSE Can Go Wrong In Louisville This Week?

  1. I get tired of Eastern Kentucky being ridiculed like they are always criticized and accused if things. Imagine if this law firm had said the same thing about the black community in Louisville? Then it would have been a racist comment. But for some stupid reason it is OK when this law firm with ties to the Coal Industry can criticize and accuse the white community who happens to be poor in many instances.
    The fact is Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining contaminates drinking water which contributes to birth defects. No this does not happen in Washington DC, Louisville or Los Angeles, but it does in McRoberts, Neon, Lynch and Sassafras, KY.
    Those out of staters who accuse Kentuckians of inbreeding can go to hell.

  2. Nothing would happen if the firm said something salacious about the black community in Louisville.

    Remember Jerry Abramson’s ridiculous comments? Essentially forgotten.

    It’s just a shame that Beshear and Abramson now court the very people saying these nasty things.

  3. Because I *so* try to take things to a higher level.

    For the millionth time: If you don’t like it? Don’t read it.

    Thanks for the concern trolling and for making me money.

  4. Having spent a lot of time in Eastern, Kentucky, in areas such as Inez, Barbourville, London and many of the outlying small cities, I can safely say that I never witnessed any obvious signs of inbreeding.

    What I did witness was obvious signs of corruption from a local sheriff, but that could be a whole other story for another day (btw he was later indicted and sent to prison) which leads me to this: If their is corruption and corporations want to work in these areas with no hassle, guess who is going to fund the corruption. Just thoughts, nothing more.

    Now back to the grind

  5. I cover the corruption side of Eastern Kentucky folks all the time on Page One.

    But I can say I’ve only met one person who was “inbred” – and they weren’t any less healthy than anyone else I know.

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