Swords, Axes And No Greg Fischer Transparency

How do you feel about Greg Fischer spending $171,000 per year to bring two inexperienced people from out-of-state to run Metro Animal Services? No wonder there’s brain drain– locals are always ignored. What was that, again, about TRANSPARENCY? [Deep Fischer Eye-Rolling]

The Bridges Debacle Advisory Group on Women, Minority and Small Business Enterprises will meet at 11:00 A.M. on Friday at the Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage. [Press Release]

Jack Conway is definitely responsible for some of the mess created by Jerry Abramson. But you’d never know that from reading any press accounts of the two. [Page One]

A new National Resources Defense Council report says climate change is bringing water worries to U.S. cities. [HuffPo]

We didn’t publish this press release because it’s just a bunch of puppies and rainbows. Bets on how long it takes Jim Ramsey and crew to address Steve Beshear’s “concerns” over the University of Louisville Hospital merger? [WFPL]

Remember stalkTALK? It won top honors for best web series at the 2011 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival on Thursday night. [Big Congratulations]

Yesterday marked the 85th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “This day marks the beginning of the 13th week that Jack Conway has dodged and evaded all questions related to his role in this matter,” said Robertson. “He may think that this is funny, but when the voters of Kentucky have their say, I’m confident they will not find this to be a laughing matter.” Don’t worry – we’ll never get answers from Jack. On the 100th day, the RPK should hold a giant press event outside Jack’s office to celebrate the occasion. [Press Release]

Want to feel your heart break? Go listen to (or read the transcript of) the 911 call re: the 18-year-old refused treatment at a Norton Immediate Care center. [WHAS11]

For the millionth time, yes, Greg Fischer has a longstanding history with the Kentucky Humane Society and he will always listen to them. [Big Flashback]

Louisville isn’t the only city facing a tolling nightmare. This country’s deteriorating transportation infrastructure could cost America $3.1 Trillion. [HuffPo]

The most important thing you can do on Saturday night is go see Jurassic Park at Midnights at the Baxter. [Consuming Louisville]

Really! What the hell is it with Kentuckians and swords lately? This guy chased his wife around with one while threatening to kill her. [FOX41]

And an ax attack in New Albany? Really? This is getting insane. [WAVE3]

5 thoughts on “Swords, Axes And No Greg Fischer Transparency

  1. It’s Deja Vu All Over Again!

    1. Meloche: minimal sheltering experience with abysmal record; hired due to heavy HSUS influence. Scally: Ditto.

    2. Zelinsky: former terminal manager from Florida with NO sheltering experience. Robinson: Ditto.

    3. Abramson: promises all local groups input in decision, then disregards it and does what he wants. Fischer: Ditto.

    Meet your new boss. Same as the old boss.

  2. Regarding transparency, if I heard Mayor Boomhauer correctly yesterday, it all depends on what your definition of “transparency” is.

    IMO, that answer was pretty much a heart-felt “up yours” to the community.

  3. I am just a dumb old businessman that tries to apply creative solutions to improve & fix problems as i see them . I think for the salary budget of the three people of $230K , the city should explore the option of striking a deal to engage about FIVE promissing people in school ,or just graduated to becommingVets! It would be great experiance for some Young caring Vets. Seems a deal could be made with a school like UofK or UofL to participate in some Fresh input and cutting edge development and ideas to deal with the problems at LMAS.

  4. No other city in this country is dumb enough to toll 2/3rds of its interstate system with the least effective tolling method. The Wilbur-Smith tolling study does not account for the $7-12 “administrative” (freeloader) fee. Their diversion predictions are off by more than 100%.

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