Sheldon Berman Made His Last Day Ridiculous

Yesterday Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 58th day in a row: “For almost two full months, this man has evaded very simple questions about a very serious matter,” said Robertson. “Conway may never come clean with voters…but in November he will clean out his office.” [Press Release]

Goodness gracious Sheldon Berman is a hot mess. Thank goodness that dude has moved thousands of miles away from Jefferson County Public Schools. [Toni Konz]

Judy Green’s gonna freak out over this charging committee being formed for her removal, isn’t she? [WFPL]

Huh. Guess Louisville and Lexington really are embarking on that joint advanced manufacturing economic “initiative.” [The Lane Report]

Yet another train has derailed in Brooks in Bullitt County. Talk about scary flashbacks for a lot of people. [H-L]

“Easy Rider” is gonna be at Midnights at the Baxter tomorrow night! Go see Dennis Hopper in action. [Consuming Louisville]

Election year shenanigans much? The National Education Association yesterday announced that Steve Beshear won the America’s Greatest Education Governor Award. You’ll note he won the award for things he tried but DID NOT accomplish – like raising the dropout age to 18, something he killed by merely attaching his name to it. [Press Releases]

A woman was shot in the head during a home invasion – not far from where her kids were sleeping. [FOX41]

The family of a 13-year-old drowning victim claims he was pushed under water. [WAVE3]

You’ll enjoy reading this timeline of Metro Animal Services by Adam Walser. Note he doesn’t bother mentioning the facts – that the city didn’t discover Zelinsky’s side business. [WHAS11]

Guess it pays to check your own lottery tickets out before going to cash them in. [84WHAS]

Seviche’s Anthony Lamas is going to be on a fancy Food Network television program. [Business First]

Oh, wait! This is one of the craziest stories we’ve read all week. It involves panty dropping. [More WHAS11]

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  1. Is NEA out of its mind? Did Brent McKim do a Robert Felner in supporting this award? (Robert did some pretty fancy footwork with the credentials of SB’s henchmen to get them through the state.) Usually NEA has more sense than this.

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