Photo Ops & Debt Ceiling Blurbs Aren’t Leadership

Yesterday marked the 84th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway: “Does Jack Conway think he doesn’t have to be accountable to anyone?,” said Robertson. “Kentuckians are offended when the officials who are supposed to serve them refuse to answer their questions. Conway will have a lot of explaining to do…now, or later.” [Press Release]

The United States Postal Services maybe wants to shutter some locations in Louisville – including one office in Shawnee. [WFPL]

Don’t worry, though, because everyone is freaking out about 4,000 post offices potentially closing around the country. [NY Times]

Jefferson County Public Schools hired all kinds of rookie teachers for its failing schools. [FOX41]

Republican candidate for Attorney General Todd P’Pool hit Jack Conway over the University of Louisville Hospital merger scandal. [Page One]

And just like clockwork, Jack Conway attempted to profit politically from the Passport settlement for which he is trying to take complete credit. [More Page One]

Garage on Market Street really IS tasty. You should probably go eat there ASAP and partake in their great beer list. [Consuming Louisville]

Thorntons was named 2011 Convenience Store Chain of the Year by some magazine. This is good news for the local company. [Business First]

A newborn died after being found in an Indiana toilet with its twin. Way to go, Southern Indiana. [WAVE3]

KFC is collecting stories about its founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. [WHAS11]

Greg Fischer doesn’t have time to deal with Metro Animal Services but he has time to issue a silly statement about the debt ceiling? HAHAHA. There you go, Louisville, you get what you pay for. [Lane Report]

Our “rumor” was right. The new head of Metro Animal Services is a flustercuck of a disaster. Greg Fischer is just as much of a hypocritical disaster. [C-J/AKN]

New Rumor About The Potential LMAS Director

We hear through the rumor mill that 26-year-old Justin Scally has been selected by Greg Fischer to be the new director of Louisville Metro Animal Services.

For those of you unfamiliar with Scally: he’s currently employed by the HSUS on the organization’s Puppy Mill and Disaster Relief projects.

And from what we hear?

Wayne Zelinsky on steroids.

This should be fun. Primarily because he:

  • Has no experience running a shelter
  • Has no experience with a large budget or staff the size of LMAS
  • His connection to HSUS will create problems with Yum!, UofL research labs, the horse industry, the League of Kentucky Sportsmen, Kentucky Houndsmen, Kentucky Farm Bureau, kennel owners, vets, et al
  • HSUS openly opposes no-kill operations and has acted to subvert no-kill efforts at every opportunity
  • He’ll guarantee the overpopulation problem at LMAS gets worse and the euthanasia rate will be higher
  • He was instrumental in creating legislation in North Carolina and Maryland that prohibits the sale or transfer of any puppy under the age of nine months

If true, Louisville is definitely screwed under Greg Fischer’s abysmal lack of leadership.

Greg Fischer’s George W. Bush Moment Captured

While Metro Government continued to fall off the edge of the cliff, Greg Fischer was, “[r]eading to students at St George Community Center in Parkland neighborhood” – see for yourself:


No one here is discounting the importance of literacy and the need for elected officials to interact with young folks.

Metro Animal Services is still a disaster that Greg is willfully ignoring. Housing is a mess. Planning is a joke. He’s bending over for River Fields on the bridges debacle. Sadiqa Reynolds is lying to the press. Downtown buildings are being demolished to make room for parking lots. Vacant properties are a blight on this city. Greg tells Metro Council folks he doesn’t have time to meet with them.

But he’s got all the time in the world for cutesy photo ops.

Note: No, while not quite as extreme as reading My Pet Goat while the World Trade Center towers collapsed, it’s still impossible to deny this city is suffering while Greg plays pat-a-cake. Just like Jerry.

Greg Fischer’s LMAS Inaction Tells Us Everything

An experienced animal care advocate has been begging Greg Fischer, Susan Neumayer (the interim director at Louisville Metro Animal Services), Sadiqa Reynolds and several Metro Council members to take action regarding the LMAS nightmare. Here’s the last message we shared from her that wen’t directly to them.

Unfortunately, no one is taking action and the shiz is piling up.

Just read the message she sent to them yesterday:

Ms. Neumayer, Mayor Fischer, Ms. Reynolds, Mr. Blackwell, Mr. Downard, and Mr. Yates:

Gilligan and Elise have “virtually no time left”–Gilligan because despite having a great temperament, he’s older and needs his teeth cleaned. People have offered to pay for the dental work, but Gilligan is “urgent” and not being advertised in any way by LMAS. Neither is Elise. LMAS is not doing its job.

I mentioned to a rescue contact yesterday that when I volunteered on site at Manslick, I would walk a dog, go home, and get a call from another volunteer an hour later that that dog had been killed–for no reason. My contact said that still happens. She said they’re always concerned that one of the dogs they’re working on will be killed once Amanda and Nancy leave for the day. I asked if anyone had asked Susan Neumayer about this and she didn’t know.

Ms. Neumayer, if you don’t know what is going on at LMAS, you’d better go find out. Mayor and Council members, you should find out what is really going on at LMAS, too. This is all happening on your watch. Mayor, you accepted the performance review over two months ago and called for immediate changes, and nothing has changed. You are now saving a director’s salary and benefits, and will soon be saving an assistant director’s salary and benefits, at least until the positions are filled. That money should be used for the animals at Manslick, to improve their conditions and help them get adopted instead of continuing to use killing as the default setting.

For your information, there are 15 dogs listed on Petfinder today and 41 in the Derby City Dog Rescue album. A few of those on Petfinder are also in the album this week, which means there is no policy about it. It’s just arbitrary, but LMAS is doing very little to promote the animals in its care and is outsourcing that function without spending money or generating a contract. Rescues are afraid to speak up, just like the good employees are afraid to speak up, and LMAS continues to be a corrupt, dysfunctional, neglected PUBLIC agency in which government has abdicated all responsibility.

I hope that Gilligan, Elise, and the other dogs on the “to be killed” list will not be killed, but if they are, several members of the media have their names and this chain of emails, and I have it in case I am able to be the impetus behind a lawsuit.

It’s been months upon months and nothing has changed. Greg Fischer has shown no leadership – other than to allow Sadiqa to trample everything – and we’re stuck with nightmare after nightmare.

Please accept (my) apologies for ever taking Greg seriously. All those times he sat with me in coffee shops extolling his leadership ability and experience were for naught.

Actions speak louder than words. All Greg Fischer’s got are words.

You’re Still Paying Judy Green With Your Taxes

Yesterday marked the 83rd day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway: “Jack Conway has fumbled this matter completely,” said Robertson. “The people of Kentucky are tired of politicians affording to their family and friends benefits and special treatment that the rest of us would never see. That old school style of doing business in Frankfort is over.” [Press Release]

A West Virginia University has discovered (shocker) that poverty and mountaintop removal mines are linked. How long will it take King Coal to tie this to inbreeding? [H-L]

The fact that you’re continuing to pay Judy Green with taxpayer dollars should alarm you. Dragging this mess out til September 12 is obscene. [WFPL]

A downtown historic preservation district that prevents buildings from being torn down? That’s not gonna fly in Louisville, where we tear everything down because we feel like it. [H-L]

The faux Family “Foundation” is freaking out about the gays in New York. We’re freaking out about the faux Family “Foundation” and it’s constant case of the gay face. [FOX41]

Seems like just yesterday the editorial board was defending Jim Ramsey over the way he handled the Robert Felner scandal (they actually brought it up). Borderline shocking to see them pop him in the face over the hospital merger mess. Be sure to give it a read. Then start demanding Uncle Jimmy take responsibility. [C-J/AKN]

Speaking of Jimmy… he’s holding the State of the University on September 13 at 2:30 P.M. Eastern on Comstock Hall. It starts with a fancy processional and everything. Because that is necessary to make Jimmy feel swell about getting paid zillions of dollars while the rest of UofL’s faculty count change left in the sofa. [Aunt Shirley’s Email Blast]

Democratic hypocrisy has been ripe with Jack Conway since his failed 2002 Congressional campaign. [Page One]

The USO Homefront Concert is tonight and Jill Biden will be there. [WAVE3]

Today Congressman John Yarmuth, as part of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, will take part in a hearing entitled, “Operation Fast and Furious: The Other Side of the Border.” [Press Release]

Former police officer Jackie Hollingsworth is fighting to get her job with LMPD back. [WHAS11]

Actors Theatre unveiled its improvements along with plans for an upcoming tough season. [Business First]

Director Of “Community Building” Part Of Problem?

Could director of “community building” (please, hold your laughter) Sadiqa Reynolds be part of the problem in Greg Fischer’s new administration?

We’ve reported for months her antics and attitude at Metro Animal Services. She’s directly responsible for LMAS and problems have only gotten worse since she took over.

So no one is surprised that FOX41 caught her lying:

City official refused to admit MAS employee’s suspension in June

A top-ranking official in Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration knew about the suspension of Jackie Gulbe but refused to acknowledge it when questioned last month by a WDRB reporter following a budget hearing on June 15.

The mayor’s spokesman, Chris Poynter, told WDRB News Saturday that Reynolds – in fact –knew about Gulbe’s suspension. When asked why the city was not forthcoming and why Reynolds would not acknowledge that when asked directly, Poynter said he could not say.


Gulbe was suspended June 3rd after a memo stated that she and another male companion put a dog in a suitcase and brought it to the Manslick shelter.

The dog was found in a tightly zipped suitcase in medical distress with a temperature of 104.


As director of community building, Reynolds would have known about the suspension because she oversees Metro Animal Services and six other departments, city officials confirmed.

Maybe it’s time for Greg to get a damn clue and start hiring people who can handle the responsibility of working in government?

Sadiqa may be a nice person but if she were working in the private sector? She’d have been let go by now for reasons involving LMAS alone. Maybe Chris Poynter’s are a sign that change is afoot.