Director Of “Community Building” Part Of Problem?

Could director of “community building” (please, hold your laughter) Sadiqa Reynolds be part of the problem in Greg Fischer’s new administration?

We’ve reported for months her antics and attitude at Metro Animal Services. She’s directly responsible for LMAS and problems have only gotten worse since she took over.

So no one is surprised that FOX41 caught her lying:

City official refused to admit MAS employee’s suspension in June

A top-ranking official in Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration knew about the suspension of Jackie Gulbe but refused to acknowledge it when questioned last month by a WDRB reporter following a budget hearing on June 15.

The mayor’s spokesman, Chris Poynter, told WDRB News Saturday that Reynolds – in fact –knew about Gulbe’s suspension. When asked why the city was not forthcoming and why Reynolds would not acknowledge that when asked directly, Poynter said he could not say.


Gulbe was suspended June 3rd after a memo stated that she and another male companion put a dog in a suitcase and brought it to the Manslick shelter.

The dog was found in a tightly zipped suitcase in medical distress with a temperature of 104.


As director of community building, Reynolds would have known about the suspension because she oversees Metro Animal Services and six other departments, city officials confirmed.

Maybe it’s time for Greg to get a damn clue and start hiring people who can handle the responsibility of working in government?

Sadiqa may be a nice person but if she were working in the private sector? She’d have been let go by now for reasons involving LMAS alone. Maybe Chris Poynter’s are a sign that change is afoot.

Woah, Louisville’s Got A Washington, D.C. Problem

Of course the University of Louisville Hospital merger is insane. Of course it’ll still happen. [WFPL]

Friday marked the 80th day for Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson to question Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “This has turned into a marathon campaign,” said Robertson. “Who would have thought that Kentucky’s chief law enforcement officer could go 80 straight days dodging questions about his involvement in a very serious and legitimate conflict of interest?” [Press Release]

No one is happy about the University of Louisville hospital merger nightmare. [FOX41]

Jill Biden will attend the USO Homefront Concert at the grease bucket downtown tomorrow night. [Bluegrass Politics]

The Indianapolis Zoo got a new 238-pound baby elephant. Louisville is officially jealous. [Reuters]

If you missed it, the Kentucky Democratic Republican Party is now solidly aligned with former Ernie Fletcher indictees and is taking mountains of cash from them. [Page One]

Tell me if this sounds the least bit familiar: a Washington, D.C. city council member repaid $300,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging he diverted public funds from youth programs to pay for luxury cars and expensive trips. [WaPo]

A Lexington house offers clues into the life of a little-known yet acclaimed black horse trainer. [H-L]

A lot of people have a lot of questions to answer about this teenager’s death from hyperthermia. [WAVE3]

It’s a terribly sad situation. We hope the family gets the answers it deserves soon. [WLKY]

The Louisville Zoo foundation won a Toyota Highlander through a fancy “100 Cars for Good” Facebook contest. [Business First]

Jackie Gulbe: Lying Ass LMAS Liar Broke The Law

She put that dog in the suitcase, according to official records.

How disgusting:

There’s your proof Jackie Gulbe needed to be fired.

It’s just a shame Greg Fischer wouldn’t take action until he was publicly embarrassed. He continues to pretend there’s nothing to see here. Exemplary cowardice.

Anyone condoning behavior like that by refusing to admit it’s why she “resigned” is a coward.

UPDATE: Click here for the complete story from WHAS11. Now you know.

Need A Sick Laugh Regarding Animal Services?

Here you go. From WAVE3, which is once again jumping on a story way too late:

WAVE 3 obtained a Metro Animal Services memo from May 30 stating that Gulbe and a man dropped off a dog in a zipped suitcase claiming she was just bit. The memo says an elderly beagle was inside that suitcase, and its temperature was 104.6 degrees.

WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Eric Flack asked Gulbe about what the memo claims.

  • Flack: “When that dog did bit you did you put it in a suitcase?”
  • Gulbe: “I did not put it in a suitcase, no.
  • Flack: “Did a dog end up in a suitcase?”
  • Gulbe: “I don’t know anything about the suitcase.
  • Flack: “You dropped it off just like a regular dog?”
  • Gulbe: “Actually I didn’t drop it off, someone else did.”
  • Flack: “Did they put it in a suitcase?”
  • Gulbe: “You know it’s an incident that really has nothing to do with anything. The dog is fine, the dog went home, so I don’t know why this is really a topic for discussion.”

Gulbe says this incident had nothing to do with why she has been on leave for about six weeks. She says that involves a health issue.

Haha. Right. Hilarious. Nothing to do with her “resignation” at all.

And on a more serious note, here’s something everyone needs to recognize about Greg Fischer’s decision to toss No Kill Louisville aside:

jake // Jul 22, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Let’s get one thing straight: No Kill Louisville’s bid was turned down because Patti Swope and Allison Woosley, Greg Fischer’s right-hand, pushed him to nix it. The Kentucky Humane Society is VEHEMENTLY against no-kill goals. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Let’s quit pretending it’s because of lack of experience. That’s most certainly not the case.

Greg will appoint a friend or donor, LMAS will continue to rot, Jim King will never sack up and do anything about it and folks like the Browns will just choose to sit on their hands and ignore the harsh realities surrounding this mess.

In late 2010 I told you folks that Greg Fischer was lying through his teeth about animal advocacy and no-kill promises. He has since proved every single thing I said true. Now do you folks believe me? Or are you going to continue getting taken for a ride? This marks the second time in six months that Fischer had to axe someone because of public embarrassment – despite years of trouble. That is not leadership.

It’s time for Metro Animal Services to shut down. Bulldoze the Manslick property. This city has no business caring for animals because it is incapable of doing so.

Too Little, Too Late For Metro Animal Services?

I’ve been telling you this for more than a month: Jackie Gulbe would lose her job because she dropped a dog off at Louisville Metro Animal Services – in a suitcase – while tanked on the juice.

And now WHAS11 says the same:

This memo from inside Metro Animal Services leaked to WHAS11 news shows that on Memorial Day, Jackie Gulbe and an unnamed man walked in to the Manslick Road facility with a 20 by 28 inch suit case, similar to this.

The report says there was a dog in the suitcase, an elderly beagle. Gulbe told the staff member it was a stray dog that had bitten her in the hand.

The memo says the man dropped the suitcase and the dog about a foot onto the concrete floor, then walked out with Gulbe.

The employee who wrote the memo then opened the suitcase and says the dog was clearly in medical distress with a temperature of 104.6 degrees fahrenheit.

Jackie hadn’t been at work since the incident and Greg Fischer dragged his feet like crazy on firing her. Despite her being half the reason both Gilles Meloche and Wayne Zelinsky were able to be such horrible directors. Until we started talking about the suitcase incident. Because it’s ALWAYS gotta be something embarrassing for people like Greg to do the right thing – it’s never about performance or skills.

Maybe now LMAS can get its act together – if Fischer doesn’t appoint one of his incompetent friends – and the city can stop being so embarrassed. It’s just a shame that Animal Services has lost so many great employees because of people like Jakie Gulble – part of the reason the facilities have fallen into such a terrible state.

Heat Doesn’t Kill You? Rubbertown Probably Will

Yesterday was the 79th day in a row for Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson to question Jack Conway’s involvement in his brother’s drug investigation: “Jack Conway was once considered the heir to a Democrat dynasty,” said Robertson. “But his poor judgment both professionally and politically has lead to his crippling defeat in a U.S. Senate race and an imminent thrashing in this fall’s Attorney General’s race.” Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “Democrat dynasty.” Democratic, maybe. [Press Release]

The charging committee has submitted its witness list for Judy Green’s eventual expulsion trial, which will be held on September 12. They are: Melody Hill, Andrea Jackson, Dr. Eddie Woods, Mike Norman, Charles Alexander, Rob Jordan, Greg Dawson, Megan Baker, Gus Omari, Sandra Fant, Detective Fritz Graas, Beth Stenburg, Clarence Yancey, Monzella Wells. [WFPL]

People took UofL hospital merger concerns to Greg Fischer a long time ago. He’s only just now reacting – instead of being proactive – to concerns from the public and health care officials. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville’s West End residents are struggling with power outages and extreme heat. [FOX41]

Let’s have a big Jack Conway transparency flashback. It’s disappointing and frustrating to have to question him but he’s brought it all on himself. Tough to take anything he says and does seriously now. [Page One]

This is the craziest shiz we’ve ever read in a Louisville-area newspaper. Bike gangs, pipe bombs and wow. This is from the paper that reported closure of a neighborhood “lake” all nonchalantly like, “Crystal Lake Temporarily Closed.” The juice was relegated to the subhead – the closure was due to a piranha outbreak. [Oldham Era]

One out of nine Jefferson County Public Schools students is homeless. [WAVE3]

Can these blue boxes make positive change for the homeless in Louisville? [Broken Sidewalk]

Dear people: Please don’t get drunk and run down Fourth Street firing a gun into the air. [WLKY]

The Republican Party of Kentucky ignorantly tried to tie Jerry Abramson to Michael Bloomberg’s $50 million contribution to the Sierra Club to fight coal-fired power plants. If the RPK doesn’t want to come across as dumber than Jim Gooch, it’d be wise for them to get a flipping grip. There are THOUSANDS of things to hit Abramson with. This latest is just a stupid, stupid stunt on the RPK’s part and ruins any chance the Party had of being taken seriously on the Abramson front. [Press Release]

Yet another fancy chemical leak in Rubbertown meant every teevee station in town freaked out for several hours yesterday. [WHAS11]

Another Big Change At Metro Animal Services

We hear through the gayvine that Jackie Gulbe’s “resignation” is effective July 30 at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Guess that whole dumping a senior dog off at the Manslick facility IN A SUITCASE didn’t work out too well.

Three for three. Finally.

UPDATE — is Chris Poynter lying? He sure looked like he was lying on television:

Chris Poynter with the mayor’s office says there wasn’t a particular incident that caused her to resign and that it was completely her decision to do so.

It’s no secret that the final straw was the suitcase incident. The final straw in a long line of straws. And Poynter knows it.