Need A Sick Laugh Regarding Animal Services?

Here you go. From WAVE3, which is once again jumping on a story way too late:

WAVE 3 obtained a Metro Animal Services memo from May 30 stating that Gulbe and a man dropped off a dog in a zipped suitcase claiming she was just bit. The memo says an elderly beagle was inside that suitcase, and its temperature was 104.6 degrees.

WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Eric Flack asked Gulbe about what the memo claims.

  • Flack: “When that dog did bit you did you put it in a suitcase?”
  • Gulbe: “I did not put it in a suitcase, no.
  • Flack: “Did a dog end up in a suitcase?”
  • Gulbe: “I don’t know anything about the suitcase.
  • Flack: “You dropped it off just like a regular dog?”
  • Gulbe: “Actually I didn’t drop it off, someone else did.”
  • Flack: “Did they put it in a suitcase?”
  • Gulbe: “You know it’s an incident that really has nothing to do with anything. The dog is fine, the dog went home, so I don’t know why this is really a topic for discussion.”

Gulbe says this incident had nothing to do with why she has been on leave for about six weeks. She says that involves a health issue.

Haha. Right. Hilarious. Nothing to do with her “resignation” at all.

And on a more serious note, here’s something everyone needs to recognize about Greg Fischer’s decision to toss No Kill Louisville aside:

jake // Jul 22, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Let’s get one thing straight: No Kill Louisville’s bid was turned down because Patti Swope and Allison Woosley, Greg Fischer’s right-hand, pushed him to nix it. The Kentucky Humane Society is VEHEMENTLY against no-kill goals. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Let’s quit pretending it’s because of lack of experience. That’s most certainly not the case.

Greg will appoint a friend or donor, LMAS will continue to rot, Jim King will never sack up and do anything about it and folks like the Browns will just choose to sit on their hands and ignore the harsh realities surrounding this mess.

In late 2010 I told you folks that Greg Fischer was lying through his teeth about animal advocacy and no-kill promises. He has since proved every single thing I said true. Now do you folks believe me? Or are you going to continue getting taken for a ride? This marks the second time in six months that Fischer had to axe someone because of public embarrassment – despite years of trouble. That is not leadership.

It’s time for Metro Animal Services to shut down. Bulldoze the Manslick property. This city has no business caring for animals because it is incapable of doing so.

7 thoughts on “Need A Sick Laugh Regarding Animal Services?

  1. LMAS couldn’t be more of a horror show.
    I voted for the other guy but that’s cold comfort
    for the animals in this town.

  2. I like Flack, but this is why their 6pm news often loses to a syndicated judge show on WDRB.

  3. Jake, don’t be so tough on the guy! It’s kinda fun watching him run from disaster to disaster like Fire Marshall Bill.

    While you might think having a plan and being proactive makes more sense, dancing around like a frog on a hot plate seems to be more his style.

    Just look at his plan of having three layers of committees to assess L-MESS and select a new director. That whole thing ended up functioning like a clown car at the circus And the results were about as effective:

    First there are three committees which are independent, then two are stymied while waiting for an official report from the first one to tell us something we all knew: it’s a bigger fuster cluck than anyone can wrap their head around!

    Then, the long-awaited report gets buried and never sees the light of day (I think he called that transparency in gub’ment during his campaign).

    Meanwhile, the other two committees are suddenly disbanded before they even start their work because someone got the great idea to let KHS run the thing on a no-bid negotiation (more transparency in gub’ment).

    When that fell through rather than recall the original committees, another small group was formed to meet in ultra-secret and decide on two candidates, demonstrating even more transparency in gub’ment.

    While all that’s happening, Zelinsky gets the boot, Debbie Fox becomes the interim-interim director but then we have tornado with no sirens so she goes back to MetroSafe and we get an interim-interim-interim director to replace her.

    Simultaneously, the secret committee members were told they’d have their eyeballs gouged out if they didn’t maintain radio silence, so we all sat around wondering why nobody appeared to be doing anything, (not suspecting for one moment that due to the multiple layers of transparency, plenty was happening).

    This time, they actually DID background checks on the candidates, so that at least was a step in the right direction. While that was taking place, there was even MORE transparency happening–we just couldn’t see it because it was so well-disguised as inertia.

    Now, we’re down to the final moments of the Great Reveal, when the new shelter director will be named and everyone will pop their buttons about all the hard work they did that we didn’t notice because it was so darned transparent.

    (drum roll…..)

    Folks, all I can say is please have your barf bags at hand for the Big Moment.

    Seriously. If you think the place is effed up now, just wait. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

    But then, neither has Fischer. Because he’s about to over-play his hand in a way that will focus nationwide negative attention on Louisville and his administration. And from that, there will be no hiding.

  4. Dear, UShouldaVoted4Heiner:

    I think I love you.

    All my admiration,

    P.S. I did vote for Heiner.

  5. (Please accept my apologies for the misuse of the comma in my salutation. I’m so overcome with emotion, I can’t even proofread. Amen.)

  6. Here’s a too-common scenario that is intended to deflect personal responsibility:
    A high profile person commits a stupid act that seems out of character, while giving the impression of being “under the influence.” High profile person uses medical leave to enter “rehab.” Or uses time to research possible career-saving or pension-saving maneuverings…

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