Greg Fischer’s LMAS Inaction Tells Us Everything

An experienced animal care advocate has been begging Greg Fischer, Susan Neumayer (the interim director at Louisville Metro Animal Services), Sadiqa Reynolds and several Metro Council members to take action regarding the LMAS nightmare. Here’s the last message we shared from her that wen’t directly to them.

Unfortunately, no one is taking action and the shiz is piling up.

Just read the message she sent to them yesterday:

Ms. Neumayer, Mayor Fischer, Ms. Reynolds, Mr. Blackwell, Mr. Downard, and Mr. Yates:

Gilligan and Elise have “virtually no time left”–Gilligan because despite having a great temperament, he’s older and needs his teeth cleaned. People have offered to pay for the dental work, but Gilligan is “urgent” and not being advertised in any way by LMAS. Neither is Elise. LMAS is not doing its job.

I mentioned to a rescue contact yesterday that when I volunteered on site at Manslick, I would walk a dog, go home, and get a call from another volunteer an hour later that that dog had been killed–for no reason. My contact said that still happens. She said they’re always concerned that one of the dogs they’re working on will be killed once Amanda and Nancy leave for the day. I asked if anyone had asked Susan Neumayer about this and she didn’t know.

Ms. Neumayer, if you don’t know what is going on at LMAS, you’d better go find out. Mayor and Council members, you should find out what is really going on at LMAS, too. This is all happening on your watch. Mayor, you accepted the performance review over two months ago and called for immediate changes, and nothing has changed. You are now saving a director’s salary and benefits, and will soon be saving an assistant director’s salary and benefits, at least until the positions are filled. That money should be used for the animals at Manslick, to improve their conditions and help them get adopted instead of continuing to use killing as the default setting.

For your information, there are 15 dogs listed on Petfinder today and 41 in the Derby City Dog Rescue album. A few of those on Petfinder are also in the album this week, which means there is no policy about it. It’s just arbitrary, but LMAS is doing very little to promote the animals in its care and is outsourcing that function without spending money or generating a contract. Rescues are afraid to speak up, just like the good employees are afraid to speak up, and LMAS continues to be a corrupt, dysfunctional, neglected PUBLIC agency in which government has abdicated all responsibility.

I hope that Gilligan, Elise, and the other dogs on the “to be killed” list will not be killed, but if they are, several members of the media have their names and this chain of emails, and I have it in case I am able to be the impetus behind a lawsuit.

It’s been months upon months and nothing has changed. Greg Fischer has shown no leadership – other than to allow Sadiqa to trample everything – and we’re stuck with nightmare after nightmare.

Please accept (my) apologies for ever taking Greg seriously. All those times he sat with me in coffee shops extolling his leadership ability and experience were for naught.

Actions speak louder than words. All Greg Fischer’s got are words.

4 thoughts on “Greg Fischer’s LMAS Inaction Tells Us Everything

  1. Per a press release this afternoon, Hizzoner IS calling “on President Obama and Congressional leaders to come to an agreement on the nation’s debt crisis because failing to do so would impact every aspect of American life, including city government.”. So thank goodness he’s on top of that.

  2. This whole situation is disturbing on so many levels: the silent endorsement of incompetence, ineffectiveness and inefficiency that result in unnecessary killing; the hypocrisy involved in putting out a Citizen’s Bill of Rights and then blatantly acting in a manner that contradicts it; the mafia-like culture in which those who are most concerned about the animals are afraid to speak openly for fear of one of their favorites being killed to teach them a lesson. At least I think that’s the fear, since it happened to me. I finally stopped going to the shelter because I felt my presence was dangerous to the dogs I was trying to help. Perhaps the worst is that so many people seem to think this kind of government is normal.

    And No Kill Louisville seems to have gone silent and abandoned political lobbying. If that’s true, it is too bad because they have the potential to keep the pressure on at a much higher level than any individual animal care advocate, now matter how experienced.

    We have ample evidence that Mayor Fischer and the Council don’t care enough about animals or about effective government to end the killing of 8000-10,000 animals a year, but part of building support for an alternative involves lobbying and educating the public. Organizing, lobbying and education; direct animal care and rescue work; and major fundraising to create a parallel system–all are essential.

  3. Hate to burst your bubble but NKL has no ability to apply pressure anywhere within Greg Fischer’s embarrassingly bad administration.

    Reference: LMAS bid rejected.

    Greg’s only going to listen to Allison and a few other folks he ignorantly believes know what they’re talking about.

  4. I know Fischer doesn’t listen to NKL, but in the course of publicly lobbying Fischer, NKL can educate and even involve people who don’t yet know what’s going on. There are still lots of them. Fischer’s intransigent silence and the ongoing mess at LMAS do spark outrage and spur people to get involved. But that only happens if that intransigent silence are clear, and it’s only clear what’s happening when he is challenged and doesn’t respond. The challenge is an essential part of the equation, and I think NKL is missing an opportunity to build support for its cause by not publicly and continually challenging the mayor and council.

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