Greg Fischer And His LMAS Accountability Fears

Last week Greg Fischer and his communications staff made a big deal out of telling the press that only messages containing vulgarity would be removed from his Facebook wall.

If you’re reading this, you likely already thought that was bogus and knew anything remotely honest would get cut.

Take, for instance, this comment about no kill goals and a nasty, nasty situation at Louisville Metro Animal Services:

But three hours later?

The comment had been removed:

Because expecting your elected officials to be accountable for their actions and inaction is just vulgar, amiright???

24 thoughts on “Greg Fischer And His LMAS Accountability Fears

  1. I’ve been watching all day…reading nkl’s/derby city dog rescue’s/and fishy’s fb pages. I first heard about this here this morning (the “dog liquidation sale”) and have been hoping the day would end well. It seems the community, again, will pull his ass out of the fire…maybe. If the doors are indeed kept open after 6, maybe, just maybe, THIS crisis will be avoided. But what about next time? And there WILL be a next time. The public will eventually reach a crisis-fatigue and be tapped out of a “reactionary-mode”. I have two shelter dogs and a rescue cat (FIV+), along with two young children and a husband who brings up the “D-word” when I mention bringing home another animal…

    Fischer’s resistance to turn the shelter over to an organization whose sole purpose is to rescue/rehome/save animals speaks volumes of his morality (or lackthereof) and reminds me of a control-freak who wants to have his hand on every trigger, literally in this case.

  2. Yay, they got enough dogs adopted!

    However, there are more and more people commenting on the mayor’s fb page, saying that their comments were deleted though they contained no profanity.

    Additionally, a few folks have congratulated/thanked the mayor for a job well done in this situation. I didn’t see ANYTHING from LMAS, the mayor’s office, or Louisville Metro regarding this urgent situation. Anything. Thank God for NKL and other rescues who worked really hard to get the word out. I shudder to think what would have happened if that one LMAS employee hadn’t sent that email passing the problem on to the rescue organizations. 80 dogs would have been murdered and no one would have ever known. : /

  3. I especially like how Fischy and crew Posted on facebook about the number of dogs being adopted. Not once did he give the local rescues credit and also used the word “customer” pretty sure Fischy sees MAS as business. He has no compassion. If he did, he would say in his post, …”we are keeping our doors open until every dog is adopted. Not until every last customer served bs. Until Fischy and crew change their thinking, MAS will be a mess for years to come. The rescue groups are the ones who got the word out on a holiday weekend not Fischy and crew.

  4. I believe the whole fucking joint needs to be shut down and bulldozed.

    This city has no business rescuing or caring for animals under these folks.


    Let’s close it. LMAS needs to stop existing.

  5. Once again, the community puts aside complaints and concerns about LMAS and the Mayor to respond to a crisis, and once again, the threat to kill works.

    I include myself. I said, “Thank you Mayor.”

    I so much want this to be the turning point instead of another episode in the co-dependent relationship between the mayor and animal advocates. Just reading that sentence makes me realize how unlikely it is.

  6. It IS a business, Fischycouldnot.

    And that’s exactly why Greg Fischer is screwing up left and right.

    He has no business experience as I said all along.

  7. If I have my way, No Kill Louisville will soon run that place out of business.

    You are right, Jake, the mayor obviously has no idea how to run a business OR that place would have had a major overhaul already. It SHOULD be run as a business with a heart of gold at it’s center. I know that sounds cliche but it is true.

    I’m very happy that the place was slammed with people today – willing to foster, adopt, and rescue – and for the pets that were saved it was another day to live and have an opportunity to find their families. But, it could have a) been avoided, b) not been an insane emergency, and c) been a positive step toward change for the shelter if it had been approached differently.

    Instead, it’s a “deal of the month” and a bunch of rescues that have now been slammed hard. What happens in four or six weeks when we come back around this? If it’s even that long… because we WILL be back to this spot. Nothing has changed – I applaud LMAS for relaxing it’s rules and having a special but that is a bandaid.

    The reality is this – we’re in a marathon, not a sprint. I think all the rescues including No Kill Louisville are simply trying to stay ahead of the killing…and there’s very little long term thinking of “how can we keep this up?” – “how do we ultimately change it if the mayor won’t truly let us in there to affect change?”

    Well – I’ll tell you what I personally think: we run them out of business. The future is on my mind and this city WILL be No Kill – although, I now highly doubt the mayor will have anything to do with it.

    The truth of the matter is – it’s time to stop playing their game, completely. The best thing that could happen for those in power is for NKL and these other rescues that keep stepping up to burn out – and I think they know it and waiting for that moment to arrive. In other words, I think this administration is just waiting for the chance to say “well we gave them the opportunity but look it’s not possible.”

    Well – I have long term vision and am looking way past today. I hope the rest of those who support our pets can come along with me … not by rescuing the dogs just today (I wonder how many cats will die this week?), but by changing it all long term. For me, that means a No Kill Louisville shelter… to show the world it CAN and WILL be done. Let’s put that killing machine out of business!

    Having said all that, I’m working on getting the full NKL board on board because, I believe, this is the answer. A plan is in the works. They (the Fischer administration) doesn’t think we can do it? Well, I think we need to show them how wrong they are.

  8. Jake,

    You are right, I didn’t look at it from that perspective. He can’t handle MAS, a small agency then he definately can’t handle other agencies. The daily reality is that we, the citizens, are screwed for the next 3 plus years.

  9. I guess when Fischer says he’s looking for that World Class director, he dosen’t realize WHAT he’s looking for! HA! What he needs to do is Engage a few really Pasionate Fresh out of School entergetic vets with a business minor & give some FRESH & Willing & wanting people the chance to do what needs done! FORGET the WORLD CLASS swollen head aholes like Meloche’ and Mr. Z thought they were!

  10. MAS has an adoption/rescue event , holiday weekend blitz approach, to lower the number of animals and it is extremely successful with less than 40 dogs onsite at end of day/night.. They tried to get news coverage of it several times during the weekend with little success….Yet they worked their asses off and were successful…and what do we hear here and elsewhere?? MAS did nothing , it was all the rescue groups and NKL>>> bullshit…. we need to give credit where and when it is due… and MAS deserves some this time…. maybe not mayor boy as he had little or nothing to do with it and I am not suggesting he did…but the employees at MAS who got this going, worked the entire weekend to keep it going do… they called the rescue groups, they contacted all fostering possibilities, and they wroked to get 80 something dogs adopted….. Do the rescue groups deserve it as well?? absolutely but not all or even the majority… maybe, just maybe this is a sign of a new day at MAS with employees being given soome lead to get things moving in right direction…. at least give them a little credit and a job well done…….. then go back to blasting the mayor and others……….

  11. @adhra2001, do you work for LMAS or know someone who does? I follow all the local news stations, several online news sources, LMAS on facebook, and various other outlets where I SHOULD have heard something from LMAS regarding this urgent issue- but I didn’t. The first I heard of it was from Derby City Dog Rescue and No-Kill Louisville. How do you know LMAS tried to get news coverage for the event? Based on the emails we have seen, it appears they simply passed the issue along to the rescue groups, hoping they would do all the work, and then tried to make then feel bad when at the end of the day Monday only 15 dogs were in the process of being placed. The only credit LMAS deserves in this situation is for staying open late (for which they probably received overtime pay- not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s certainly an incentive.) After NKL and the other rescue organizations made the community aware of the situation- that 80 or so dogs would be killed if not adopted- how could they do anything BUT stay open late? They get enough bad press already.

    I don’t think LMAS should be congratulated or given credit for this situation at all. Perhaps if they did their jobs to begin with, by vaccinating ALL animals when they come into the facility (the Jack Russell who brought in distemper got “lost in the shuffle”, and there is speculation that the dogs who were moved yesterday may be vulnerable as well) and by advertising to the public that so many dogs are available for adoption (they only post about 20% of the animals they have up for adoption online, then kill them when no one adopts them- how were we supposed to know they were there?) then folks would be willing to give them a little more credit.

  12. Where did I say anything was all NKL?

    If you haven’t been paying attention, I’ve been chapping NKL’s ass for MONTHS and said all along NKL wasn’t going to get the contract because it didn’t have the experience (little did I know that its board did at the time I started raising concerns).

    That said – nothing LMAS does at this point is a good thing. I refuse to praise people for doing what they’re supposed to do.

  13. and you refuse to acknowledge improvement at all either? Being a manager and in charge of workers I find that any encouragement and acknowlegment of something good done goes a long way, especially if it is the start of something more.. and yes I do commend, not praise, workers for doing a good job even if it is the job they are supposed to do…..Yes, this should have been being done before but did the employees who actually got this going and followed it through have the OK from their poor leadership to do it before?? No…. but at least it seems like they have it now so we can only hope it continues…… And this event was not just a reaction to the distemper problem as it was in the works and on the drawing board asking for the OK to do it for several weeks…… Was the distemper thing the reason leaderhsip went with it?? Probably but at least they did and it was a success…… and no I do not work for MAS but do have several contacts inside over there…. and yes, one employee screwed up and caused a distemper case for not following procedure…. He does need to be dealt with and changes need to be made in documentation at intake…… that does not change the good that happened over there this weekend……. The news media was notified several times of this event and until monday decided not to go with it…. Even Monday when they were informed that the adoptions were going on then and would continue into tuesday they only said on all stations that there was an event Tuesday not even mentioning that the place was still open monday night…… it seems to me that unless there is something negative to say about MAS then our local news group doesnt want to touch it….That also needs to change and could if JG were gone and someone more acceptable to working with the media would take that responsbility over,…..

  14. Just wanted to point out that I consider AKN responsible for the fact that the # of dogs adopted/fostered yesterday could’ve been higher. There are MANY that consider it the source of record in Louisville (especially those of a certain age). The only mention of the adoption/foster push (that I can find) took place on July 4th, and was written by an entertainment reporter. The article made no mention of the final outcome of the dogs not adopted/fostered. Therefore, there was no sense of urgency. Furthermore, if one had heard of the program, and was to search AKN’s site, the article was only to be found by searching for “dogs” or “distemper”. It could not be found by searching for “LMAS” or “MAS.”

    Today, AKN has a “triumph” article touting that 75 dogs were “saved.” That article can be found by searching “LMAS” and “MAS.”

    Final thought: if it’s positive, AKN has no problem tieing it to LMAS or Fischer’s admin. If it’s not, not so much. Curious-Jargon indeed.

  15. AKN can burn to the fucking ground and this city wouldn’t blink an eye, No Temperance. Don’t sweat it.

    adhra: questioning LMAS/Greg Fischer is a far cry from being against them. If you want to spin? Go to the shitbird paper’s website. You’re not welcome here with that tripe.

  16. LMAS staff contacted all the media stations. I have to applaud them for turning a mistake into something positive. They contacted other shelters across the country and were advised to kill all the animals to contain the distemper(not no kill shelters). Susan Nuemeyer deserves credit for letting folks like Amanda, Nancy and Courtney and others do what they do best, save animals.

    I have to point out that this was all done without thier trusty PR lady, Jackie Gulbe, who is somewhere other than MAS for undisclosed reasons (cough, cough). She, in my opinion, was thier biggest hurdle to overcome. Susan may not have experience with shelters, but she has business experience and is very willing to listen and roll her sleeves up and WORK (which I actually witnessed this weekend).

    I agree with Jessica that this is a finger in the dike (no pun intended). If LMAS does not get some effective, proactive community involvement programs they will never succeed. Everyone will get burnt out and get tired of LMAS threatening to kill the animals if the public does not step up. I saw a man with his daughter on the news at LMAS. He said he was there because his daughter (like 11) saw on the news the dogs would be killed if they weren’t adopted. She teared up and daddy took her to get a dog. Most of the people who adopted did so to save a life, not because they were $9.

    I get so tired of certain people always blaming the public for the problems at LMAS. Everytime something happens I am told it is because the public is irresponsible. Someone did not vaccinate, “well, it should not be our resonsibility to vaccinate, the public is suppose to vaccinate thier animals” REALLY?! MAS kills dogs for space, etc. “It is the public’s fault for not spay/nuetering thier animals, etc.” Yes, the public plays a part in this, but they are not solely to blame. I truly believe it is the job of the shelter to educate the public(PR). That is why I have been so critical of JG. I really want to see MAS and the public WORK TOGETHER. I know when you work there and see idiots dropping off thier pets because they are tired of them, getting new carpet, new baby, etc. you get jaded. I truly hope this public turnout to save these animals restores faith in the public. It takes time to educate a community and see a change from it. We are FAR behind in this area, but I feel if we start doing that, it will show in the numbers of animals coming in. Also, they MUST have a low cost, high volume spay nueter program!!!!!

    One more thing….no one group or person deserves credit…This was a community effort and the community should be proud. Now let’s learn from this and start working together. I hope the Mayor sees now that he can get something out of it if he does…(because we all know that is what he cares about)

  17. At no time will you see or hear me speaking positive about Fischer or his people… He has screwed this mess and many many others up so badly he needs to do what he is doing and that is to hide away and hope it goes away…. I also question and know that MAS is still floundering without adequate leadership and will continue to do so until a strong director is in place AND there is some $$$ input into fixing/replacing Manslick….. BUT i will continue to support the good employees of MAS as they struggle to do good for the animals without money or leadership and I would thnk that all rescue groups including NKL and Jessica would want to do the same for the sake of the animals…That is what this is all about………..

  18. Not to put words in her mouth, but I read Jessica’s comment as this….”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
    Chinese Proverb
    What the rescues are doing for MAS is not sustainable. Something drastic must be done to save more animals in the long run. I do not suggest cutting off help to MAS, but the help cannot continue at this pace. Rescues are spending thousands of dollars treating preventable illnesses. They are also scrambling to save 50-80 dogs a week, not to mention the cats! This just isn’t sustainable. It is truly heartbreaking and I hope the Mayor does what its right soon.

  19. now that she has been brought up here again, anyone know where LG has been and when or if she is going back to MAS? staying in her cushy, do nothing position?? Just give someone else there, and I have a few ideas on whom, the right to go to news outlets and lets see just how much she is missed…doesnt seem to be very much right now?????

  20. JG is gone, no one seems to know why. I have a pretty good idea, but will not spread rumors. I just hope she stays gone.

  21. I have a couple of “good ideas” why and where but nothing firm enough to repeat….. just am hoping the term “gone” means that and not just away for a while…. am sure Jake would have more firm answers but seems to be holding back for some reason….. must be a good one and I respect that……….

  22. Have held back because her personal life has no business being discussed.

    That said – she did show up (drunk?) with a dog in a suitcase (yes, a suitcase) at LMAS and got testy, didn’t want to sign papers, etc. I’ll publish those documents if and when LMAS ever ponies them up.

  23. Well, as long as she is gone for good we don’t need to put her “bizness on tha street”. Yes, Jackie, I am a better person than certain people who decided to get on here and spread lies about people (Jabber Jaws).

  24. I dont think she is gone “for good” as being one of the top level staff members of LMAS even our mayor and group would say something about it if she left or was let go… Am sure it would be a “left for better opportunity” type release but there would be a release….Or maybe that will come with announcement., whenevere that is, of a new director……

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