Former LMAS Director Made Bank In 2 Months

Remember Wayne Zelinsky, the now-former interim director at LMAS?

Here’s a refresher, as so many seem to have forgotten his reign of terror:

Wayne Zelinsky worked at Metro Animal Services only into February in 2011. Less than two months.

Guess how much he was paid.

According to Metro’s own salary database, Zelinsky sucked down $24,196.58. $12,671.86 in actual salary and $11,524.72 in “other” funds.

Was he paid handsomely for his “resignation” or what?

Yep, that guy made that much cash for doing what he did. More than many of you make in an entire year. While running some sort of escort service on the side.

15 thoughts on “Former LMAS Director Made Bank In 2 Months

  1. Was that money to pay for him to resign? Or perhaps that was hush money? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. “jake // Dec 15, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Nobody owes me anything.

    But Greg Fischer owes this city swift action at Metro Animal Services.”

    Awwwww what a sad, sad comment. If only you knew then what we know now……

  3. JTT’s right — I’d be shocked if it were anything other than unused vacation time, something which — like the guy or not — he was entitled to receive.

  4. So he had a month of vacation time?

    Further to my point: That’s how much that guy was paid. To do… whatever it is he did.

  5. Sure – he may have gotten extra as part of the comp package – and he may not have been salaries and had comp time coming to him. Or maybe de cashed out deferred comp. But there should be a doc that indicates it.

  6. Good Luck getting a straight answer on that?….And when you ask , you will be treated with distain cause you want to know!….Those Questions need to be asked, and pubilicy…It’s our money they continue to piss away!

  7. Jake, it isn’t uncommon for people to bank v-time. I know metro employees who retire with 480 hours of vacation time which has to be paid out in lump sum or used when they retire/leave which would mean about 60 plus days (two months).

  8. The city allows employees to accumulate up to 480 hours of vacation time. 480 hours equals 60 days. 60 days equals 12 weeks or approximately 3 months based on a 5 day work week.

  9. I believe you can only be paid for 40 days after resignation or retirement. Which is why staff were confounded with Jane Driskoll was paid for so much time

  10. Jane and one other from finance. She also appears to have violated the reemployment provisions in the pension law, in that she was supposed to be separated from employment for 90 days (she never left- she took her pension and double the allowable vacation hours and stayed in the same position as a ‘volunteer’). The law also bars a prearranged deal to return to work, and bars you from going back to the same position.

    The only efforts they made to even attempt to hide this, was to rename the same position.

    I don’t know about the criminal penalties for doing this, but the civil penalty is forfeiture of all received pension funds.

    Even if she was caught, she’d probably manage to get it out of Lexington government if those dumb asses haven’t already lost the funds to her.

  11. Earl: When the Commonwealth’s Attorney does anything about this (OTHER THAN SIT ON HIS FAT ASS) I’ll win the “Pullitzer Prize” [sic] for comments.

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