Director Of “Community Building” Part Of Problem?

Could director of “community building” (please, hold your laughter) Sadiqa Reynolds be part of the problem in Greg Fischer’s new administration?

We’ve reported for months her antics and attitude at Metro Animal Services. She’s directly responsible for LMAS and problems have only gotten worse since she took over.

So no one is surprised that FOX41 caught her lying:

City official refused to admit MAS employee’s suspension in June

A top-ranking official in Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration knew about the suspension of Jackie Gulbe but refused to acknowledge it when questioned last month by a WDRB reporter following a budget hearing on June 15.

The mayor’s spokesman, Chris Poynter, told WDRB News Saturday that Reynolds – in fact –knew about Gulbe’s suspension. When asked why the city was not forthcoming and why Reynolds would not acknowledge that when asked directly, Poynter said he could not say.


Gulbe was suspended June 3rd after a memo stated that she and another male companion put a dog in a suitcase and brought it to the Manslick shelter.

The dog was found in a tightly zipped suitcase in medical distress with a temperature of 104.


As director of community building, Reynolds would have known about the suspension because she oversees Metro Animal Services and six other departments, city officials confirmed.

Maybe it’s time for Greg to get a damn clue and start hiring people who can handle the responsibility of working in government?

Sadiqa may be a nice person but if she were working in the private sector? She’d have been let go by now for reasons involving LMAS alone. Maybe Chris Poynter’s are a sign that change is afoot.

7 thoughts on “Director Of “Community Building” Part Of Problem?

  1. A ‘former’ judge who has problems with telling the truth!!!!!!!! Wheeewwwww. What a revoltin’ development this turned out to be. Could this be one of those Affirmative Action hires? Just Askin’!

  2. He should of had a clue whenever Reynolds lost her Judge seat in the 2010 election. Even the voters didn’t trust her, and it’s relatively easy to win re-election as a Judge.

  3. These folks no longer have Mayor Jerry to protect them. When he was king, only he talked to the media

  4. At around 5 pm today the 41st World Championship Dainty Contest gets underway on Goss Ave. in Schnitzelburg. So it is FITTING that on this “anniversary” I share with you my experience with Gulbe 4 or 5 yrs. ago. Local pols & celebs attend the annual Dainty Contest – to “press the flesh,” do a little PR & electioneering, & TO MAKE CASH CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR while competing in the contest. (King, our councilman, shamelessly sent Katie in his place when she was running for judge!) Anyway, I happened to spot Gulbe at the event 4 or 5 yrs. back, hanging with one or two girlfriends. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE SO UNABASHEDLY LOOKING *BORED* AT A PUBLIC EVENT. I never saw her talk to anyone – look at anyone – other than her friends, while keeping her eyes at half-mast. No talk, no literature, no circulating. My pervading thought was “WHY is she HERE?” That was the beginning of the end for me.

  5. Before she was a judge, she worked for the state and before that Sadiqa Reynolds was in charge of Metro Facilities Management. While there, one of her most favorite things to do was go around firing people on sight, but because she failed to follow proper procedures, employees would just file a grievance and get their jobs back. She’s one of Abramson’s very bestest and Jake, you’re the first one I’ve ever heard accuse her of being nice.

  6. She is nice. To people who aren’t working beneath her, that is. Always been nice the times I’ve met her.

    Ability to do her job isn’t withstanding, of course.

  7. We all know that Fischer lacks the backbone and common sense to remove his “Community Builder.” I’m pretty sure that lying to the community’s press is in the handbook of what not to do as a community builder. Why would someone defend a person that shows up to their place of employment with alcohol in their system and with a dog in the suitcase? I think the Mayor’s office has defaulted on common sense.

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