Changing Housing’s Name To Hide A Rough Past

What happens when a single Metro Government department is such a corrupt, embarrassing mess that next to everything can be blamed on it? You have Greg Fischer come in and rename the department – like that’ll change anything at all. We’re beginning to think Greg gets everything he knows from reading random books about business from the early 90s. [WFPL]

Go check out this terrific slide show in the weekend travel section that features five of our most favorite places in Louisville. [NY Times]

Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 66th day on Friday: “The torrential downpour in Frankfort is reflective of Jack Conway’s political career,” said Robertson. “He cannot claim to be tough on crime while providing special assistance to certain privileged individuals accused of it.” [Press Release]

Tom Eblen is right about focusing on the future of coal, not just the ‘war’ over it. Because Kentuckians love to embrace a lost cause, especially one that deserves to be lost. [H-L]

Louisville’s own Bonnie “Prince” Billy/Will Oldham made the NPR big time again. [NPR]

Surely we’re not the only folks who think it is unethical for an elected official to have a radio program. [Dan Klepal]

Looks like a joint vinyl joint-coffee shop got Michelle’s hopes up for today. Woops. [Consuming Louisville]

Can a cleanup of the Shawnee neighborhood actually help reduce violence? Or would violence drop if this city actually cared about the West End? [FOX41]

Really, where did Branden Klayko go? Someone go to Brooklyn’s hipster hangouts and drag him back to Louisville. [Broken Sidewalk]

Apparently a bunch of local NASCAR types are pissed that traffic was horrible for the race in Northern Kentucky. We think it’s hilarious that anyone thought Kentucky could get things right. [WAVE3]

Just in case you need something else to anger you over Kentucky Retirement Systems. [Page One]

Everyone is basically going to die of the heat stroke today, in case you were wondering. This also means about 75 pill-addled mothers will leave their kids in the backseat while they stroll into Kroger for a case of corn syrup juice. [WHAS11]

12 thoughts on “Changing Housing’s Name To Hide A Rough Past

  1. “Car drivers: welcome to Kaintuckie — where the car race is over and where the tooth brush was invented (cause we only have one tooth).

  2. Re-inventing the housing department thru re-branding makes me wonder what they’ll rename LMAS.

    There has long been a local practice of renaming the most horrendous apartment complexes in Louisville – a city where most residents really do seem to be memory-compromised. For example, anyone remember Piccadilly? At least most of these efforts were accompanied by new management, & some effort at improvement.

  3. Possibility City! Where our best ideas are stolen from Phillip Morris… or ‘Altria’.

    Mr. Fischer campaigned on bringing his best business leadership skills to city government. Isn’t it great to see him live up to his promises?

  4. Remember when everybody freaked their shit because I DARED question his “patented” ice machine “invention”?

    Or the Inc Mag ordeal?

    Mmm hmm.

  5. Curtis reminds me of the great Muhammad Ali comeback — when advised the Possum City was going to rename Walnut Street to Muhammad Ali Blvd. he jested — saying — Man, that’s a shame, I was just getting ready to change my name to “Walnut Street.”

  6. Two or 3 NEW “Broken Sidewalk” pieces popped up in my morning Facebook newsfeed today – I just remembered. Must go read them now…

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