Former LMAS Director Made Bank In 2 Months

Remember Wayne Zelinsky, the now-former interim director at LMAS?

Here’s a refresher, as so many seem to have forgotten his reign of terror:

Wayne Zelinsky worked at Metro Animal Services only into February in 2011. Less than two months.

Guess how much he was paid.

According to Metro’s own salary database, Zelinsky sucked down $24,196.58. $12,671.86 in actual salary and $11,524.72 in “other” funds.

Was he paid handsomely for his “resignation” or what?

Yep, that guy made that much cash for doing what he did. More than many of you make in an entire year. While running some sort of escort service on the side.

Greg Fischer’s Company Got Big Tax Incentive

What? Your local paper did a story about Greg Fischer’s company – Dant Clayton – getting a fat taxpayer incentive of $1.19 million and it didn’t bother mentioning it was, you know, the mayor’s company?

Four companies were approved for state and local tax incentives Thursday based on plans to bring a total of 107 jobs to Louisville.

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority approved the incentives, which the companies can collect over a period of 10 years if they meet wage and hiring goals.

— Dant Clayton Corp., a manufacturer of bleachers and other sports seating, may add 72 jobs paying an average hourly wage of $23, according to state documents. The company, founded in 1979 and headquartered in Louisville, was approved for a total award of $1.19 million.


And before you complain? Yes, he’s still a part of the company.

Louisville Yearns For Government Transparency

Whattya know? Experts say they wouldn’t hire the guy Greg Fischer hired to run LMAS. And, get this: Greg Fischer’s office refused to be interviewed for this story. Doesn’t sound too sure about his hire to us because actions speak louder than words. [WAVE3]

Four cases of how tearing down a highway can relieve traffic jams and save your city. [Infrastructurist]

What is it with being first and “breaking” news? It’s already old news that Jim Ramsey has been called to testify in Frankfort regarding the University of Louisville Hospital merger mess. [FOX41]

If you missed it, here’s your chance to see the extensive video footage of both Steve Beshear and David Williams at press conferences after their Kentucky Farm Bureau appearance. [Page One]

One our my favorite things – the rare moments when we bother looking at the Courier-Journal – is when Dan Klepal does a great local story. This one about LMAS is a solid example. And isn’t it funny hearing Greg Fischer tell all these groups to work with the new director? After he, himself, has spent a year refusing to work with them? [C-J/AKN]

Brown-Forman voted to re-elect its board members during its annual meeting yesterday. [Business First]

If you’re an elected official – say, on Metro Council – you should have to be up-front with your constituents about why you’re missing four months of work while getting a paycheck. [WFPL]

Churchill Downs won’t be getting instant racing this year, according to its CEO. [H-L]

Service for Peace is collecting backpacks for low-income families and you should consider helping out. [WHAS11]

Sweden has learned to be so transparent that it takes citizens on tours of its nuclear storage facilities and asks for their input. Louisville’s mayor is so far in the opposite direction that every single thing he does is secretive (particularly when it comes to hirings and spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars) and there are often penalties for those who reveal details. [NPR]

Remember the Cecil New-Ivan Cano murder case that shook this city to its core? The case is settled but investigators still have questions. [More FOX41]

Go see this Art After 80 exhibit at the Jewish Community Center beginning this weekend. [Consuming Louisville]

It’s Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh On A Hustler



She rode around on an electric Hustler Zeon Lawn Mower at the Billy Goat Hill Community Garden to show off the latest in green technology.

“This is a very important day for the district as we move forward with our Green Triangle initiative,” said Ward-Pugh. “If we are serious about being good stewards of our environment and creating sustainable solutions, this lawn mower is a logical choice to help the community garden.”

She purchased the mower for the garden in the 9th District with Neighborhood Development Funds. It mows more than an acre on a single charge.

“No gas to spill, no fumes to pollute and a lot less noise in something as basic as mowing grass,” said Ward-Pugh. “This mower is an important step towards the day when everyone will be able to breathe air free from pollution, and enjoy a quiet afternoon free from a roaring lawnmower machine. The next step is to find ways to power this mower from renewable energy sources as well as reducing the amount of grass to be mowed!”

Why Greg Fischer needed to be there is beyond us. His quotes have been ignored.

“Special Training” And Wasted Benjamins At LMAS

Yesterday we told you about an article that mentioned new Louisville Metro Animal Services director’s “special training from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Emergency Planning for Animal Control.”

It’s one of the attributes Greg Fischer and crew have touted over the past couple days.

But you know what’s so special about it? You can get the same training in the same place he did… via the internet.

Yep – he’s getting paid $90K for that. He has a deputy from the auto industry making $81K. A communications staffer will make $60K. All while Metro Animal Services continues to beg the public to provide food for the animals.

I give this guy six months – tops – before a crisis hits. And then Greg Fischer will regret not hiring Becky Reiter. (Note: her facility has a 13% euthanasia rate with owner requests for medical issues.) Or maybe he won’t regret it. It’s not like he was in a hurry to get this shiz straightened out in the first place.

All ice machine, no ice. Welcome to possibility city.

Yet Another Day Of Metro Animal Services Hijinks

Here’s a photo of Greg Fischer and Sadiqa Reynolds proudly introducing their new Metro Animal Services kill guy – with far less experience and knowledge than No Kill Louisville:

The best part of the photo from Fischer’s Facebook account was the first comment:

You had the gall to believe Fischer on April 12, 2010, April 14, 2010 and April 21, 2010. It’s been 16 months and the same dramas persist. Nothing has changed. He’s continued to listen to the same people who were casting aspersions. He’s still opposing no-kill options as he promised he would not (told ya so, again – he just can’t do what he says he will). And you’re left footing the bill.

Possibility City, indeed!

Swords, Axes And No Greg Fischer Transparency

How do you feel about Greg Fischer spending $171,000 per year to bring two inexperienced people from out-of-state to run Metro Animal Services? No wonder there’s brain drain– locals are always ignored. What was that, again, about TRANSPARENCY? [Deep Fischer Eye-Rolling]

The Bridges Debacle Advisory Group on Women, Minority and Small Business Enterprises will meet at 11:00 A.M. on Friday at the Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage. [Press Release]

Jack Conway is definitely responsible for some of the mess created by Jerry Abramson. But you’d never know that from reading any press accounts of the two. [Page One]

A new National Resources Defense Council report says climate change is bringing water worries to U.S. cities. [HuffPo]

We didn’t publish this press release because it’s just a bunch of puppies and rainbows. Bets on how long it takes Jim Ramsey and crew to address Steve Beshear’s “concerns” over the University of Louisville Hospital merger? [WFPL]

Remember stalkTALK? It won top honors for best web series at the 2011 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival on Thursday night. [Big Congratulations]

Yesterday marked the 85th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “This day marks the beginning of the 13th week that Jack Conway has dodged and evaded all questions related to his role in this matter,” said Robertson. “He may think that this is funny, but when the voters of Kentucky have their say, I’m confident they will not find this to be a laughing matter.” Don’t worry – we’ll never get answers from Jack. On the 100th day, the RPK should hold a giant press event outside Jack’s office to celebrate the occasion. [Press Release]

Want to feel your heart break? Go listen to (or read the transcript of) the 911 call re: the 18-year-old refused treatment at a Norton Immediate Care center. [WHAS11]

For the millionth time, yes, Greg Fischer has a longstanding history with the Kentucky Humane Society and he will always listen to them. [Big Flashback]

Louisville isn’t the only city facing a tolling nightmare. This country’s deteriorating transportation infrastructure could cost America $3.1 Trillion. [HuffPo]

The most important thing you can do on Saturday night is go see Jurassic Park at Midnights at the Baxter. [Consuming Louisville]

Really! What the hell is it with Kentuckians and swords lately? This guy chased his wife around with one while threatening to kill her. [FOX41]

And an ax attack in New Albany? Really? This is getting insane. [WAVE3]