Which Jerry Abramson Shoe Will Drop Next?

Jerry Abramson didn’t spend $180,000 out of his fancy discretionary fund. Turns out he spent some $214,000. And you know what? Receipts for what the money was spent on are essentially non-existent. So no wonder Matt Erwin at the KDP lost his shiz last week. [C-J/AKN]

Activists are calling for stronger enforcement of the Clean Water Act in Kentucky but that’s never going to happen. [H-L]

Congressman John Yarmuth is re-introducing comprehensive literacy legislation. The LEARN Act is supported by dozens of literacy organizations around the country. [Press Release]

You should probably go check out this new feature about highway removal. [The Architect’s Newspaper]

Congratulations to Sgt. Leigh Ann Burke of LMPD and Lt. Harold Miller of UofL PD for graduating from the sergeant’s course at the Department of Criminal Justice Training’s Academy of Police Supervision. [Press Release]

Gannett layoffs are a leading indicator of a permanently shrinking newspaper business. [Poynter]

Isn’t it interesting how so many people get nasty and personally attack the messenger when said messenger dares share their opinion – one that isn’t necessarily liked by all? [NA Confidential]

Greg Fischer is set to announce what’s next for Louisville Metro Animal Services this week. You holding your breath? [WHAS11]

Is the head of Greater Louisville Inc. worth $369,268 per year? Should anyone working for the city make more than the guy at the top? We’re honestly asking. [Curt Morrison]

General Electric union workers are set to vote on a new contract for a four-year deal on Tuesday. [FOX41]

Seriously, why don’t more places in town serve Coke Zero? It makes bad alcohol taste good and everything else taste better. [Consuming Louisville]

Demo Watch: Todd Blue strikes again. Parking lot here we come. [Broken Sidewalk]

Really? Human trafficking in Elizabethtown? It’s like anywhere at least 30 minutes away from Louisville just has to do something stupid this year. What the heck. [WAVE3]

I mean, really? Lying just so you can keep your illegal and super-cheap maid/slave? In KENTUCKY? [WLKY]

12 thoughts on “Which Jerry Abramson Shoe Will Drop Next?

    in public funding. JR has been instrumental in the awe-inspiring CJ underwritten debacle to keep Shelley Berman, who has this week sent out the most incredible hymn of praise to himself in glorious full page color, 12 pages plus cover–Accomplishments Dr. Sheldon H. Berman 2007-2011–all at state expense, including $1.08 postage each.

    Hey Jake, why don’t you and educationvoodoo team up to do Failures 2007-2011 Dr. Sheldon H. Berman.

  2. How dare anyone question what Jerry did with the money, surely he spent it on lunches for his beloved Firefighters, Isn’t it ironic that this money never came into light before? I want a taxpayers Slush fund!…Someone who has the time,money & ability to go after Abramson and should drag him over the coals and expose the real crook he is!

  3. Jon- I want all that, and I want to refer to it as “my” money. When I write a check to someone, it should be noted that it is from “Earl”, and not the people’s money. That, and I want my picture hanging everywhere – like they do in those quaint middle-east countries with those nice dictators.

  4. Really a crime that the mayor has a slush fund as well as all council people yet we dont have any money to buy food for animals at MAS… yes, food for animals should be lower than food and help for humans but to spend that much on lunches etc for his and their favorites is criminal …… as for what mayor greggy will announce this week— has he spoken with NKL yet to go over their bid?? Last reported a week ago was no meeting… I do hear that records have been forwarded to mayor’s office concerning last years costs in some areas so maybe he is getting them together to go over with NKL… who knows?? my guess is he says the bid is not acceptable and will give no reasons why.. will reopen search for director to give him more time to sleep on it, which is all he has done the last 4-6 weeks… which leaved the MAS employees out there holding the bag trying to keep things going and maybe just maybe show a little improvement…….

  5. And congrats to Deputy Thomas Bradley, Deputy Jeremy Wright and Deputy Jacob Hardin, of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Officer Marc Spalding, who graduated from Basic Training on Friday as well! Local media never covers anything BUT LMPD graduations!

  6. WTF is wrong with Todd Blue?? Tearing down perfectly good AND newly renovated historic buildings this time??

    head – desk

  7. adhra2001, it would be too hard to repay a favor by appointing someone a govenment job as Director of LMAS if a private organization was running LMAS is a reason I see behind it.

  8. Phil: He’s afraid he’d have egg on his face if he let his critics take over.

    That said – NKL deserves lots of this blame for not being up-front and public about the details of their proposal and who would be involved.

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