This Maybe Isn’t A Great Thing For JBS Swift

Remember JBS Swift?


Check this out:

After watching the video, officials at Pleasanton, Calif.-based Safeway said they had stopped purchases from its supplier, JBS Swift, which distributes pork from the Iowa company, until an investigation into the conditions shown on the video can be completed.

“Safeway does not tolerate animal abuse of any kind and finds the images and animal handling practices contained in the Mercy for Animals video to be extremely disturbing and in violation of our animal welfare policies,” spokeswoman Teena Massingill said in a statement.

Kroger spokesman Keith Dailey said his company also had asked JBS Swift to investigate the conditions shown in the video. Until that investigation is completed, Kroger has told JBS Swift to stop supplying the chain with pork from the Iowa operation.

Here’s the sickening video mentioned above:

Makes you wonder about what goes on in Butchertown.

4 thoughts on “This Maybe Isn’t A Great Thing For JBS Swift

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Animal cruelty is disgusting and unacceptable. So many people are puzzled by my choice to live vegetarian. This should explain it pretty well.

  2. This shows yet another reason not to eat meat, or at least not to eat factory-farmed meat. Small-scale farms that produce meat sustainably still end up killing the animals, and there is no getting around that moral issue. But for those who do eat meat, and are willing to pay more and/or eat less of it to be able to buy “humanely raised” meat, there are farms that give the animals a good life and as low-stress a death as possible.

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