Some Fancy Rumors (Good Ones) About WAVE3

We hear through the gayvine that WAVE3, after wallowing in fourth place in the ratings, may be trying to bring some old favorites back into play.

They’ve resurrected John Belski’s blog, which says to us they’re trying to bring back a familiar face.

And we hear Jackie Hays has been spotted at the station this week, causing rumors of management trying to bring her back to spread like wildfire.

Something tells us no one in Louisville could or would complain about either, as they’re both beloved.

14 thoughts on “Some Fancy Rumors (Good Ones) About WAVE3

  1. I don’t understand why Wave is struggling, IMO they have the best talent in Louisville, Eric Flack, Jean West, Janelle McDonald, Dawn Gee all get high marks from me.

    And the weather team, even without Belski is top notch.

    In terms of appearance, HD, set, graphics, nothing comes close to Wave.

  2. Bull Moose Party: I agree.

    Though, I like WHAS11’s news team better. For some reason – and I can never quite put my finger on it – their team is more pleasing to my news palate/they don’t send me into a blood pressure-spiked rage, usually.

  3. I very much miss John Belski. I’m not a fan of Dawn Gee as a newscaster. Having some emotion is fine but her telling of the news seems somehow slanted by her emotions. I thought she was fantastic on their morning talk show and the morning news set up seemed to suit her style much better. Then again I’m not a fan of her co-anchor either, so it could just be my take on it. I really liked Jackie Hays. I do hope she returns.
    I feel like WLKY has really messed up their morning news crew to the point I watch them only because of the weatherman. That’s why I have the news on in the morning anyway and now that we’re into the typical ‘3 H’ season I’ll probably watch another station. I don’t watch them when Suzanne is on doing the weather. I don’t care for her at all.

  4. As far as recycling former faves —
    Remember, we long-time Louisvillians still describe locations by what USED to be there. Anybody else still guilty of saying something is “near the old Sears store in St. Matthews” – even when our own adult children have no such recollection?

  5. WAVE-great set- boring, bland news.
    WDRB-The leader in digital technology, weather and traffic.
    WHAS-Consistent solid news. Slowly upgrading to digital.
    WLKY-last place for digital. Morning news readers don’t have a clue. Miss Kentucky needs to go back to traffic. 11pm good,, Steve Burgin is best on the weekend.

  6. I do miss John Belski but Kevin does a great job. I did not even know Jackie Hayes was no longer with the station. I do not think bringing Belski or Hayes back would change my viewing habits.

  7. I have to agree with petsgalore5 about Dawne Gee.. I like her very much but I don’t think evening reporting is her forte. I really enjoyed her in the morning before Listens became an infomercial. I haven’t watched that show in years- its like watching a local version of QVC at this point.

    The only reason I made a point to watch Wave in the evening was John Belski. They still have the best weather department but for some reason now, what channel I watch isn’t important- its when I watch- and I find I am now catching the news at 4 over on Fox. I just mute Weinberg.. his move to evenings btw was the best thing that has happened to the morning show in a long time.

  8. Move Dawne back to the mornings. Dawne and Jean would be a good team. Put Janelle in Dawne’s former slots. Bring back Jackie at 5 and 6. Everyone is happy. I don’t care who does the weather…

  9. Look at what NBC programming has to offer, Crutnacker. Not a whole helluva lot! There is no sure-fire hit on at 10 p.m. like ER was years ago that make people want to tune in and stay on the channel for the 11 p.m. news.

    Look at KSTV’s comment about Judge Judy. It’s true. Love her or hate her, she’s the second most popular TV personality after Oprah.

    I also have to agree with the Dawne Gee comments. Never been a fan. She’s a TV personality, not a journalist.

  10. Wave 3 has the best weather team when it comes to Kevin and Brian. They both are top notch. When it comes to the news however, I do like WHAS11 newsreaders better.

  11. Dawne Gee gets on my last nerves, always interrupting the other news anchors, blabbing on and on about crap that doesn’t matter, every heart wrenching story she starts crying and on and on oh yeah and on….

    I do firmly believe they have the best talent in the business IMO, however they have to weed out the subpar talent that just doesn’t cut it.

    The only reason I think WAVE was so successful was John Belski, he was the backbone of WAVE news in the evening…. Bring him back and their back in 2nd place guaranteed.

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