Quick, Everybody Say Goodbye To Sheldon Berman

Yesterday Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 57th day: “Asking Jack Conway to come clean is like asking cats to bark,” said Robertson. “I guess it’s possible…but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. We will continue to remind voters every day that they are held to a different standard than Jack Conway’s family and political buddies.” [Press Release]

You know things are bad when your mayor doesn’t know a particular section of your city is deep in poverty. [WLKY]

Looking for love again: abandoned buildings that ask cities for renewal. Louisville needs to get on this bandwagon ASAP. [Fast Company]

Sheldon Berman’s probably not gonna let the door hit him on the rear when he skips town today. His interim replacement will be making $680 per day, more than many (most?) people make in a week. [C-J/AKN]

There is zero reason for Ed Springston to address the Metro Council regarding Judy Green’s lack of ethics. Council just needs to remove her and be done with it. No sense in wasting time and money on it. Just. Flipping. Do. It. [WFPL]

There’s a fancy Car-Free Happy Hour taking place in the South End this evening and you should probably check it out. [Consuming Louisville]

Bikes have really been around in Louisville. We love stories like this one. [Broken Sidewalk]

GE workers have ratified their new contract. So maybe local television outlets only interviewed those with negative comments before the vote. [FOX41]

Something tells me there are more than five economic lessons the United States could learn from Sweden, the rock star of the recovery. [WaPo]

Police in Southern Indiana broke up an interstate drug ring. [WAVE3]

We forgot about it this year but the Belle of Louisville won the Great Steamboat Race yesterday. [C-J/AKN]

An air quality alert has been issued for today. So, you know, don’t breathe the air. [WHAS11]

3 thoughts on “Quick, Everybody Say Goodbye To Sheldon Berman

  1. I would imagine there are a lot of folks in 40203 who do not NOW file, or have even NEVER filed Tax Returns – leaving them completely out of this sad state of affairs: too poor to count, scofflaws, or with non-reportable sources of income. In other words, the picture could be bleaker.

  2. OH STEVE with your BARNYARD colloquialisms *stabs out ears and eyes so I NEVER have to look at or hear “asking a cat to bark” again*

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