OH MY GOD: Greg Fischer’s People Are Totally Lost


At a hearing Wednesday before the Metro Council Budget Committee, the reception given to Metro Animal Services was somewhat warmer than it has been recently.


Sadiqa Reynolds, the mayor’s chief of community building who is oversaw the department review, said euthanizing rates have dropped 3 percent in the past three years and should continue to fall.

Because the euthanasia rate dropping three percent in three years while begging the public for cat food is what we call progress in Greg Fischer’s administration.

And you folks had the gall to ask me why I thought Sadiqa was in over her head with Metro Animal Services.

Greg’s probably praising this mess as we speak.

5 thoughts on “OH MY GOD: Greg Fischer’s People Are Totally Lost

  1. Greg and crew are effin morons! They wouldn’t know progress if it bitch-slapped them. Pathetic and can’t even make decision and move forward with the lone outside group who is willing to try! Sadiqa needs to go back to being a judge and put people behind bars because apparently she has more legal knowledge than common sense. I’m curious as to why Metro Coincil are being such wussies about this? They totally and blindly accept her testimony. Can’t wait for one of their pets to be mauled to death at LMAS. Until then, they don’t care about the general public pets being mauled. How many critters actually gave the fits to examine LMAS for themselves? Let NKL be the tour guide not Fischy who is clearly trying to febreeze the mess. Jake stay ontop of this please! More photos or even a video! Open Records. Do anything and everything to expose the continous effin disaster MAS is. NKL is a huge reason why dogs and cats were saved. The local rescue groups are the reason animals are safe. Sadiqa is spinnster and liar

  2. I’m glad that Judge Reynolds is the one “who is oversaw the the department review…”

    The Once Great Newspaper strikes again…

  3. good lord people, face the reality of the situation: these are SYMPTOMS. we are continuing to see the symptoms of a poorly managed, borderline corrupt government. fischer is merely following in the steps of almost-mayor-for-life. reynolds is a nice lady, but you know what? she is one of the many attorneys that almost-mayor-for-life stuck at the trough of public service. she’s a great lady! but she needs to work as an attorney. she is not a manager of people nor projects.
    this mayor and the people he surrounds himself with (as was his predecessor) are jokes. or as greg would say “world-class jokes”.

  4. I just realized something that the rest of you probably already discerned! NKL & other volunteers are actually doing the WORK of a “respectable” public animal control agency FOR FREE. LMAS is getting a “pass” to continue as an albatross & scr#w-up feeding at the public trough — through the generosity & hard work of individuals & rescue groups that don’t get paid squat. My gosh! The caring public is even providing the animal feed… Why should they change?

  5. How may more days remain until we can replace Fischer with an intelligent leader who cares about the greater good of Louisville?

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