Mayor McCheese Just Ruins Everything Forever

How jacked up is Metro Government? So jacked that it can’t keep track of what paperwork for grants it has and has not received. You can thank Jerry Abramson’s corrupt and disastrous misadministration for that. [C-J/AKN]

Looks like “Tan Lines” is getting lots of national attention. Thank goodness folks are filming movies in Kentucky. [indieWIRE]

Sounds like a typical evening at Fourth Street Live in Louisville. [NPR]

Humana and the state of Illinois are in a giant cat fight over state employees’ health coverage. [Reuters]

Does this sound remotely familiar? Industrial transition in cities still causes a stink. [Broken Sidewalk]

We need to get this damn vacant housing thing in check in Louisville ASAP. [C-J/AKN]

Lexington is finally working to make its streets safer for cyclists. [H-L]

The United Nations has endorsed gay rights for the first time. But Democrats in Kentucky still fear the gays. [Slate]

The father of missing IU student Lauren Spierer spoke one-on-one with FOX41. [FOX41]

Don’t expect your gubernatorial candidates to address the real problems facing this state. Remember when Steve Beshear promised gambling and refused to offer any other alternative solution? Expect the same hogwash from all candidates – not just him. [Ronnie Ellis]

Habitat for Humanity gave a new home to a family in Louisville. [WAVE3]

The Republican Party of Kentucky may be hitting Jerry Abramson over the head with his $180,000 slush fund scandal but locals are used to his shenanigans. [Page One]

Jason Stinson plans to return to coaching this fall. So get ready for a lot of people to foam at the mouth. [WHAS11]

10 thoughts on “Mayor McCheese Just Ruins Everything Forever

  1. Hopefully, there will be an education program to tell parents to please not give their 14 year children growth hormone pills without telling the high schools. Responsibility is a two way street, not one way.

  2. A small adjustment to the Habitat headline, “Family Moves into Rehabbed Home Thanks to Habitat.” I know it’s nit picky, and you get enough of that from others, but Habitat builds and rehabs houses for financially qualified families. It then provides them with a 0 percent 20 year mortgage, in addition to the sweat equity family members put into the process. There is a misconception among many that homes are given to families, and just wanted to clarify that families buy these homes. Thanks for sharing some good news about a family moving into their new home.

  3. I don’t know anyone saying responsibility is a one-way street.

    It’s silly and dishonest for you to suggest anyone has placed complete blame on Stinson and to suggest anyone believes all parenting responsibility lies with the coach.

  4. John G: It is assumed that if you’re reading anything here, you realize we often summarize headlines from other publications. Occasionally even use headlines from other pubs, as we did in this instance.

    I think the real issue you (and all of us) take is with the way the mainstream often glosses over details like you’ve just mentioned.

  5. Mayor Fischer should come up with an innovative system for dealing with the vacant properties disaster. Driving thru some of our west neighborhoods is tantamount to a war zone. How about urban farming? And what is is with the banks foreclosing and the judges allowing them to run for the hills once they get a look at the property?

  6. Must be tough being Mayor McCheese. No control over anything anymore, your mouthpiece [Poynter] is now another’s mouthpiece, you’ve crapped all over your diaper and its so obvious its seeping out all over the edges — for everyone to see and smell. Then, somehow. you’ve got to be all smiles and cheerios when you’re around the Goobernatorial, because he selected you (and you know he wishes he hadn’t).

    Sorta a man without a country or a state or even a city, now. I guess he’s counting on being the next prexy at the local athletic club, when ole’ Combover bows out.

    Maybe he’s looking at ‘official greeter’ status at the local Walmart.

    How’s that for a “pretty howdy-do?”

  7. Highlander, you are always “on the Money” when it comes to Jerry?…It’s actually funny to watch him try the same shit with his responses now that he’s not mayor… the $180k mess….he says he’s proud how he spent the money!….great then lets get him to be deposed of exactly how he spent it, & throw him in the same cesspool with Councilman Green, that is if if she dosent consider sharing her cell with some Cracker Mayor Racist?

  8. Steve,
    I would think a man who has been around would post better and more thoughful comments than give the kids water. Five doctors got on the stand and stated that Max was not dehydrated. Three for Stinson and two put forth by the prosecution. Max’s heat stroke was not caused by a lack of water, running too much, or abuse. It was caused by several unknown factors and medical issues. Do some research and then respond. It is this type of blatant outright misinformation that has caused these issues to go on. Don’t mind if you say you don’t like harsh words or running but please make an intellegent statement backed by research an not emotion or your distaste for religious Stinson supporters. Crazy questions Steve. How may PRP parents watching practice that day and many days before called JCPS or the school? Folks that are around the practices more than a few minutes to make judgements? Zero. Steve, I would suggest you come on down to Iroquois and watch for yourself. It is just a few minutes from your neighborhood and I assure that Coach Stinson would welcome you at any practice.

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