Major Education Scandal Gets Ignored By Paper

You ever have those days where everyone around is insanely wrapped up in something? That happened to us yesterday. Please accept our apologies for giving you crap to read. [Deep Crap Thoughts]

Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 48th day: “At this point, these releases are purely symbolic,” said Robertson. “Jack Conway has no intention of ever answering these questions and after all this time…we certainly don’t trust him to give us the truth. All we can do now is continue to remind voters that Jack Conway uses bad judgment…both professionally and politically. He will always put his own interests above those of average Kentuckians.” [Press Release]

Your Metro Councilcritters are set to conclude the budget hearings. You excited? [WFPL]

Everyone is freaking out over this cell phone video footage of a Louisville Metro Police officer using a taser on a man during an altercation. [WAVE3]

Jasper Ward’s Big Four Bridge. You should probably read this if you are a nerd like us. [Broken Sidewalk]

I think it’s funny that Jonathan Miller (is he always promoting that ridiculous book?) is trying to make hay out of this. Fitting, really, since he and his sister are keen on financially supporting people who do much worse. He’s ignorantly opening the door for Republicans to pick and choose the loons from Beshear’s donor list for ridiculous quotes. Further interesting that the two papers of record in Kentucky are essentially ignoring Jerry Abramson and his many foibles. [HuffPo]

Reality is that Jerry Abramson’s religion will play more than a silent roll in this state. I’d be mega-wealthy if I had a buck for every time I’ve heard “fuckin Jew” out of the mouths of Republicans and Democrats over the past year. [WFPL]

Ruh ro. John David Dyche’s folks at the Courier-Journal, which publishes his column in its pages and is responsible for that publication, allowed him to run a piece about the $180,000 Jerry Abramson slush fund that was also critical of Jefferson County Public Schools. [C-J/AKN]

Metro Animal Services is such a fucking disaster (thanks, Greg, for allowing it to rot) that people are calling for cat food on a FOOD forum. [Louisville Hot Bytes]

Never to worry, though, because the focus of LMAS is apparently on improving “customer service.” [WHAS11]

Tornado sirens sounded by MetroSafe for no emergency and the mayor’s office is busy explaining why the entire system was accidentally set off after testing a repair. [FOX41]

Let’s ask ourselves why a large newspaper with a dedicated higher education reporter hasn’t bothered to cover this scandal within the KCTCS in Owensboro. It involves the governor and most of his people and is costing you, the taxpayer, thousands upon thousands of dollars. [Page One]

2 thoughts on “Major Education Scandal Gets Ignored By Paper

  1. I thought the hours were changed several weeks ago?? Not a bad idea but also wonder why Susan broke the news and not JG who is supposedly the director or some such of public relations…. And, although it does seem like a small step forward doesnt it at least show some positive thinking going on and desire to improve?? even small steps are welcome…. Thing is with this news plus the news of other new programs and incentives coming out soon, what does this say about the NKL proposal and whether or not it is really being considered??

  2. Also, on the search and begging for cat food, are you saying that MAS has no budget or money to go out and get food for the animals?? Even a friggin credit card to get some… This is the high season for animal turn-ins, rescues, strays and puppies and kittens… can it actually not be a part of the budget to have some food on hand and ready for this time??? talk about no leadership or direction…. the “foot soldiers” there cant do everything…………..

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