LMAS Urgent Request – Please Help If You Can

Can you get to Metro Animal Services at 3705 Manslick Road today?

If so, PLEASE take anti-bacterial cleaning products to the facility. Any cleaner that says it’ll kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (like Lysol – get generic) will work. BLEACH.

Also in need of paper towels.

LMAS is shut down and staff are disinfecting everything after a case of distemper was confirmed.

UPDATE 2 HOURS LATER: FOX41 has a story about the mess. Press conference in ten minutes at 3:00 P.M.

12 thoughts on “LMAS Urgent Request – Please Help If You Can

  1. I think they are also accepting these urgent disinfectant donations at the Animal House facility on NEWBURG RD.

  2. FYI–The original poster re: cleaning products did not know. Can’t use Lysol or Pine-sol. Best cleaner to bring that you know will be used…BLEACH. Thanks.

  3. Did anyone catch the news conference ?? Who held it and what was said?? from what i read on Fox doesn’t sound like much could have been done to prevent this and precautions were taken when the infected dog was brought to kennel to keep it apart from other animals… Even not knowing it was infected… If it was in quarantine area should hopefully only need a thourough cleaning which I know isnt easy or nice but necessary…. Just another story that although MAS did nothing incorrect it still reflects badly in the minds of citizens….

  4. Something like OdoBan- which is used in nursing homes, isn’t caustic, smells pleasant, and won’t take the hide off of anything it comes in contact with- would be much better to use, IMO. It makes me crazy when all the shelters ever ask for is bleach, bleach, and more bleach. People used bleach for eons to clean up mold and mildew. The toxic fumes from the bleach did more harm than most of the mold ever did. Nevermind what it does to sensitive skin or how it screws with your allergies (burns your nose, eyes, and throat,especially in a closed environment). I’d hate to see a dogs paws/skin that had to stand/lay in bleach or bleach water in their kennel floor, and we know for a fact that LMAS isn’t known for attempting to do more than wash the kennels out (aka-disinfect them) when they clean. I’ve seen many a news video showing the kennel floors sopping wet after cleaning. ANY good antibacterial cleaner would work. Janitorial supply houses have a variety to choose from. Bleach would not be my choice around animals- at all.

  5. They don’t pour the bleach in the kennels. They use it to soak all the entrances with a layer of bleach so the disease doesn’t spread.

  6. In addition they use bleach in the laundry. And there are some organisms that are only effectively killed by a select few products. Ringworm, for instance. Bleach has its uses. The public is not expert in knowing what cleaning products will kill what organisms, where these appropriate cleaning products can be purchased, etc., so I think it is defensible for a shelter to ask the general public for bleach which is readily available and affordable. Bleach is not the only cleaning product they use.

  7. Funny, nobody mentioned that a number of CATS were pulled out of LMAS several days ago and diagnosed with…distemper.

    Hearing LMAS’s spin on the story, they made it appear this only involved one dog.

    Sorta hard to believe in those gross and crowded conditions, something like distemper would isolate itself to a single animal, isn’t it?

    You’d think by now MAS would have grown weary of having their pants on fire. Or, maybe they’ve just grown accustomed to it over the years?

    Let’s hope that Mayor Fischer surprises us all real soon, and in a good way. It’s long overdue.

  8. Canine distemper is not cat distemper. Cat distemper is Panleukopenia. A totally different organism. Cats don’t get what killed the Jack Russel although raccoons may. Dogs don’t get Panleukopenia. The comment on NKL was true but misleading placed in that context, if you read it there. And it is leading to a lot of confusion. Stray kittens and neglected owner surrenders, in foster care at the time of death or not, can and do die of Panleukopenia. The vet who did the press conference did a great job of explaining all the issues. I think the press conference is still on line. And I hope this attention leads people to properly vaccinate their dogs for canine distemper and their cats for Panleukopenia.

  9. Dogs cannot pass distemper to cats, learn the facts before posting. So while I normally don’t defend LMAS – the dog could only infect other dogs, and there are some reports that say humans can be affected by dog distemper. How proven that is, I don’t know. Odoban is a great disinfectant and can be used for other things bleach isn’t used for. Many vets use Odoban, and other products because of the fumes of bleach. So Turner – way to assume the general public isn’t as informed as you are, or an expert. LOL

  10. Here is some good info on how it is actually contracted from dog to dog:

    Transmission: Infected dogs shed the virus through bodily secretions and excretions, especially respiratory secretions. The primary mode of transmission is airborne viral particles that dogs breathe in. Dogs in recovery may continue to shed the virus for several weeks after symptoms disappear, but they no longer shed the virus once they are fully recovered.
    It is possible for humans to contract an asymptomatic (subclinical) CDV infection. Anyone who’s been immunized against measles (a related virus) is protected against CDV as well.

  11. “Cats don’t get what killed the Jack Russel although raccoons may.”

    So, the fact that LMAS captures and transports racoons in their ACO trucks might be, what…a VECTOR?

    We all know how uber sanitary those trucks and facility are and how veddy, veddy caweful the staff is to not cross-contaminate anything out there, right?

    BTW, how’d that one-day shutdown and scrub-a-thon work out for ya last week? Seems Dr. Wimpy (his real name), was so right about that 24 hours being all that was needed to stop the scurrilous outbreak in its tracks. Well, almost.

    Now, fellow ‘Villians, let’s put our hands together and thank Jesus it’s distemper and not an outbreak of bubonic plague or we’d all be u-scrayed.

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