It’s Crusade Weekend, So Be Sure To Give Back

For the 30th day in a row (yesterday) Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson is questioning Jack Conway: “It is neither mean nor out of bounds for any Kentuckian to question how the Attorney General conducts himself when he learns a drug investigation has been compromised,” said Robertson. “And frankly, for the father of the ‘Aqua Buddha’ ad to show such righteous indignation is the height of hypocrisy.” [Press Release]

David James said in a release that he’ll voluntarily participate in the furlough program: “The reality of our current budget situation is that everyone must sacrifice in order to avoid mass layoffs of city workers or a further reduction in services. For those of us in a position of leadership, it only seems appropriate to step forward and take some initiative.” [Press Release]

Let’s see how this vacant property bill changes things. Maybe Louisville can finally collect cash from banks who don’t keep up their foreclosed upon homes. [WFPL]

Like we told you yesterday, the bridges debacle could be cut by $1.2 billion. [WLKY]

And it seems only folks in Indiana have a healthy dose of skepticism, something Louisville is afraid of. [News and Tribune]

Jefferson County Public Schools says it wants to make school bus rides shorter. Shocker? [FOX41]

Interesting that this news comes at a time when everyone is focused on the potential new superintendent. [WFPL]

Interesting things happen in Eastern Kentucky. By “interesting things”? We obviously mean corruption and wasteful spending. But check this out. It’s almost funny. [Page One]

All kinds of tasty food changes are taking place on East Market Street. This is why Louisville can sometimes have nice things. [Consuming Louisville]

Utilities in Kentucky are warning of a 20 percent rate increase and people are just cold freaking out. [H-L]

In the most important news, Butchertown has fancy blue heffalumps that may or may not trump red penguins. [Broken Sidewalk]

Really, people, why are you trying to scam folks out of money during Crusade Week? What a horrible thing to do. [WHAS11]

7 thoughts on “It’s Crusade Weekend, So Be Sure To Give Back

  1. Jake, after 30 days of seeing the same article, don’t you think that no one cares what the repugliklan chairman thinks. Besides, your guy is not going to win. So go beat up on someone else.

  2. Uh, who is “my guy”?

    If no one cares – why are all the small town papers across the state writing about it?

    Why did Jack Conway finally hold a press conference to address these matters (he lied, of course, and I’ll detail that later this morning on Page One)?

    You should probably know what the fuck you’re talking about before commenting – particularly if you’re ridiculous enough to believe I can’t support Jack Conway over Todd Pee Pee AND demand answers at the same time. This is not 1950. Life isn’t black and white.

  3. I think you mean you don’t care about it.

    If no one cared about it, the small town papers around the state wouldn’t be writing about it, it wouldn’t be a hot topic on talk radio in Louisville and Lexington, Jack wouldn’t have been forced to address it and the issue wouldn’t be lingering.

  4. Tend to believe most folks care because they want an in-depth explanation so it’ll go away. Not because they think it’s juicy drama.

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