Greg Fischer’s Crew Now Out Spinning Like Crazy

Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 55th day in a row yesterday: “Jack Conway doesn’t mind answering questions if he thinks it will get him free publicity…unless it pertains to his own ethical failures,” said Robertson. “This man has no credibility on any issues until he addresses the most important one…his own integrity.” [Press Release]

You should pay close attention to the last paragraph in this story about Greg Fischer refusing No-Kill Louisville’s bid for Metro Animal Services. [WFPL]

Fourteen people died in twelve separate crashes on Kentucky roadways from Monday, June 20 through Sunday, June 26. [KSP Release]

Doctors are beginning to turn away more insured patients because of low payments. Welcome to 2011 in the United States of America. [Bloomberg]

We love the J-town Farmers Market but peed a little when a press release was sent out indicating that Greg Fischer and J-town Mayor Bill Dieruf would be the “Celebrity Chefs” for a cook-off at the July 9th Market. [Press Release]

Greg Fischer may, indeed, be a one-term mayor. Wouldn’t surprise too many people right now. But he’s got a couple years to show he’s worth a re-electing. [Twitter]

Really? Jerry Abramson talking about slicing “jowl bacon”? This must be one of his fancy new stories the campaign consultants came up with. Protip: people who wear their pants that high have never been within 200 feet of “jowl bacon.” [Joe Gerth]

Taco Trucks are apparently big deals to people named Michelle. Especially late at night. [Consuming Louisville]

Woah, what’s with people thinking 8664’s J.C. Stites is a fan of just cold paving parking lots after he tears down a dumpy house? It’s J.C. Stites. Of all people. [Broken Sidewalk]

The Downtown Development Corporation is going to spend $4-$6 million trying to lure businesses downtown. [FOX41]

Thank goodness you don’t live in Shelbyville where the local government is trying to pass sidewalk repairs off on homeowners. [WAVE3]

Mitch McConnell certainly loves his Faux & Friends. They’re always the easiest on him. [Page One]

Here’s a story from yesterday about David Jones leading public criticism of River Fields. [WHAS11]

5 thoughts on “Greg Fischer’s Crew Now Out Spinning Like Crazy

  1. The advent of Food Trucks in Louisville is currently getting “priceless” publicity — & excitement.

    When I was a Louisville tot – in the early ’50s – I remember my Dad “teaching” me that sidewalk repair was the responsibility of the homeowner. Therefore my parents took particular care not to plant trees or large shrubs where their roots might someday buckle the sidewalk. Other than oversize roots, my experience is with the UTILITY COMPANIES damaging walkways – which they “usually” repair, but are more susceptible to future cracking.

  2. I totally disagree with that idea because since government requires these sidewalks and other amenities then it should it foot the bill for it. I agree that you shouldn’t plant trees etc by a sidewalk. What this problem is regarding is the lack of maintenance by the local city and doing the job with taxpayer dollars they are supposed to do.

    Plus, the city also has a certain amount of right of way that is their responsibility and therefore they should pay for. Its not my responsibility to take care of their property when they won’t take the responsibility to manage their own affairs properly.

  3. lou metro gov’ts currently policy is that it takes care of everything in the road from curb to curb. property owners are responsible for repairing sidewalks and about a year ago or so metro started sending notices to owners to repair damaged walks….unfortunate but true. metro does do some sidewalk repair along commercial corridors but if you have a council rep who spends his/her discretionary funds on social services and other programs, chances are you have not had any major sidewalk repair. there are some general fund dollars committed to these capital projects but not without council support….metro also did some repairs with stimulus funds in the last couple of years.

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