9 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Tucks Tail & Runs Over River Fields

  1. Mentor? Really? Thanks for the concern trolling.

    Maybe pay attention instead of foaming at the mouth occasionally before you comment.

    The difference in John and Greg: River Fields didn’t get John elected. John got John elected. If anything, it was despite his ties to River Fields. He also doesn’t rely on the River Fields crew for anything more than 50-60k every couple years – and that? He could do without.

    Greg’s entire existence is built upon the River Fields folks.

  2. We need a leader who is interested in the greater good of Louisville.

    How many more months before we can vote Fischer out of office?

  3. “Greg’s entire existence is built upon the River Fields folks.” Nearly all of Greg Fischer’s and for that matter Jerry Abramson’s large early donors were within the River Fields crowd. That is why Mr. Fischer never seriously considered the logical and overwhelmingly popular option of dividing the project. Since the day of its founding River Fields’ political donations have been fighting the basic urban planning logic of an eastern bypass and the over 80% of the population that supports an east end bridge. After successfully delaying the bridge for 50 years they have nearly acquiesced to plan B, minimize the number of east end bridge lanes, retain the dishonest $1/4 billion tunnel, and insure that downtown traffic handling capacity is upgraded (with no concern for the quality of the design on the central business district’s riverfront). If everything goes as planned the 2000 ft tunnel will be deemed unsafe for hazardous cargo and will no longer be the longest tunnel in the state of KY that allows Hazmat without an escort. Because the process of requesting an escort is unrealistic, the city of Louisville will continue to route Hazardous materials through the densest parts of the city and right by 3 hospitals with the most critically ill patients in the state. Additionally the presence of tolls on the east end bridge will make it impossible to mandate non-local truck traffic bypass the city, further reducing traffic near the Riverfields crowd and negating one of the main potential benefits of the project. If you want to know why Louisville cannot have nice things look no further than the elitist fake environmentalist crowd at River Fields. Over the years Riverfields’ political donations have resulted in a regional traffic plan that prioritizes their bucolic 50 acre estates over the interests of the other 1 million people in the metro Louisville area.

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