Greg Fischer On Luring In Manufacturing Business

So Greg Fischer’s in Chicago right now at a Clinton Global Initiative meeting discussing manufacturing initiatives, right?

He says that in the next couple weeks there will be an announcement that Louisville, Lexington and the Brookings Institute will forge some sort of team to bring manufacturing to two cities.

What are your predictions?

7 thoughts on “Greg Fischer On Luring In Manufacturing Business

  1. Bill Clinton said of the CGI that it’s about turning talk into action, and that when people who are invited to the meeting do not follow through on their commitments, they’re not invited back. Enjoy it while you’re there, Greg, because it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience, for you anyway.

  2. Greg will form a committee, gather data, implement initiatives and include proven performance management practices utilizing the
    iso 2000 guidelines.
    Then he will add the goals and measured performances on his management “dashboard”.

    All this to help Louisville Metro become world class!

  3. Watching Jerry Abramson and now Greg Fischer, its like watching Dumb become Dumber. I don’t expect Fischer to clean up the jobs mess in 6 months or even a year. Its going to take 5 years or more just to clean up what’s left of the mess this country inherited from 30 years of neoliberal economic policies and global free trade, etc.

    That is if it can ever be cleaned considering the huge budget deficits and two unpopular wars we have been fighting overseas. Considering that at the end of the Clinton Years the debt on was at 5.7 trillion but nearly doubled under Bush. The strange thing is that under Republican Presidents the national debt increased from 1980 to 2008 by a total of 8.3 trillion dollars and under Clinton it only increased 1.4 trillion. Now Obama gets to try to figure out how to clean up the messes he inherited.

    It bothers the hard core right wingers that these facts are obvious. Where were they at for the last 25 years or so when these Republican Presidents could have vetoed these spending bills. Yet in the 1990s, we weren’t spending ourselves into oblivion. Yet borrowing money from Japan, China, and Europe to fight the wars in the Middle East. Something is a bit wrong with that picture to borrow money from foreigners to fight wars that bankrupt our own nation.

    Greg Fischer is as clueless as Jerry Abramson was in regards to the job issues. Including that around 30,000 jobs left this city over a ten year period and thousands more became lower wage jobs. Lower wage service industry jobs can only get people so far out of the hole. Its going to take manufacturing, high tech manufacturing, and professional jobs to get us back to any semblance of normalcy and even then its going to be a tough road.

  4. I predict someone close to Fischer will be awarded a lucrative contract to do something inconsequential.

  5. I predict that a manufacturing concern whose primary product is the production of “Silver Spoons” will be awarded a deal similar to the Cordish Co. so that the administrative political ranks & the chosen few of the past & current administrations have the proper tool to keep stuck up their ass!

  6. I predict the Metro area’s fastest growing industry in the upcoming decade will be conducting important sounding studies meant soley to justify the high paying jobs of the administrative political ranks & the chosen few of the past & current administrations who have silver spoons stuck up their asses.

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