Greg Fischer: No-Kill Louisville Head Speaks Out

Jessica Reid, the head of No-Kill Louisville, is speaking out in a comment left here in The ‘Ville Voice:

To steal a post from my personal FaceBook:

“Dear No Kill Louisville: We regret to inform you that due to contrived excuses and a complete lack of foresight, we will be unable to do right by the city. Keep Louisville Weird! Love, The Status Quo”

Of course – that’s in jest, but it is so true. My biggest issue is that they made a decision without even speaking to the ONLY GROUP willing to step up despite the fact that they kept changing the rules and their approach. We were willing to be flexible.

Eilleen is right – we tried to do this in a positive way and work with the mayor’s office. However, they see us as too outspoken. Sadiqa Reynolds called me to tell so I wouldn’t get the news second. While I appreciate that, I’m very frustrated by the politics and back and forth of this administration. They loved No Kill Louisville when we would support their efforts IF they were for No Kill – they were for No Kill before Greg was elected. Now, it’s a different game.

Sadiqa told me she’d like to keep things positive and still partner with No Kill Louisville. I agree that that’s a good thing because I want to save as many pets as possible. But we (NKL, volunteers, the community) can only do so much. We can only do what they allow us to do and if they can’t make a decision and move forward on this, then how are they going to run the shelter and make positive changes??

They want our help but only on their terms and when it’s quietly done. Or so it seems.

Trust me – I think you’re going to want to immediate CLICK HERE to read Reid’s entire comment. It is absolutely scathing – because it’s honest – and I’m certain Greg Fischer will not like it.

O U C H.

Really. All ice machine, no ice.

6 thoughts on “Greg Fischer: No-Kill Louisville Head Speaks Out

  1. Fischy is a joke. He listens to a few select donors and some of the morons around him. If didn’t want NKL he could have something weeks ago. It clear that is a telling sign that he can’t lead. I’m sure it will only get worse.

  2. Oh and hanging up on citizens politely voicing their displeasure when calling your office is not cool. Can you and minions do anything right?

  3. Oh, please.

    Greg Fischer wouldn’t even take me seriously if I didn’t have direct access to his money-makers. (Though, he still hauls ass away from me in fear unless one of the Browns or an elected is by my side.) He doesn’t have the guts to deal with anything major.

    His office will attempt to deflect all concern and criticism over LMAS – just like they do with everything else.

  4. The sad thing no other elected official or Brown or anyone with any “pull” in this city has the guts to say something about LMAS and the disgraceful act of leadership of this ass clown and his pile of monkey shit do nothings staff.

  5. Fischy,

    I hope someone airs every skeleton the moron has in his closet for the next 3.5 years. You suck. If your shit could vomit and that vomit could piss then that is where you are as a leader.

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