Fischer & Crew Need To Quit With Facebook/Twitter

Last night, Greg Fischer (or Chris Poynter?) was all over Facebook and Twitter just cold doing what he (they?) do best: giving us fodder.

After about a million people ripped him a new one over insensitive and out-of-touch comments about the weather situation, all kinds of attitude was thrown around:

Some of the dumbest crap we’ve ever seen come out of an elected official representing a city the size of Louisville. And let’s get real, here – we tweet some really ridiculous stuff – so it takes a lot to make us pay attention and complain.

UPDATE: Remember when Fischer was tweeting about how little damage there was in Louisville?

Yeah, about that.

4 thoughts on “Fischer & Crew Need To Quit With Facebook/Twitter

  1. “it takes a lot to make us pay attention and complain.” Really???? I truly hope that is sarcasm that I just read.

  2. Given what we’ve seen in Missouri and Alabama in recent months, yeah, I’d say there was little damage in Louisville from these storms.

  3. Yeah, because it’s super-intelligent to roll up on Facebook and Twitter AS THE STORMS ARE HITTING to say there’s very little damage.

    Great thing to do. And I’m not the only one who reacted this way. There were hundreds on Twitter and Facebook.

    Stupid move on his part and he recognized it, eventually. Or Chris did.

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