Fischer Consistently Wrong On Facebook & Twitter

Jesus H.

Look at the latest:

Unfortunately for Greg, it wasn’t the Susan Neumayer or the staff who averted disaster at Louisville Metro Animal Services last night. It was VOLUNTEERS. Volunteers that organized via Facebook, Twitter and with the help of No-Kill Louisville.

God forbid Greg Fischer give credit to the dozens of volunteers who saved those animals instead of the folks who truly are the problem at LMAS. God forbid he stop apologizing for and praising the root of the problem.

Now do you people understand why I’ve been so critical of him for so many years?

9 thoughts on “Fischer Consistently Wrong On Facebook & Twitter

  1. I am sure you are right in that if it wasnt for the volunteers that showed up there could have been a major problem… however, to dismiss the entire workforce of MAS in a broad stroke saying that the “staff” had no part in the action taken is not correct.. I do not have numbers or names of the MAS workers who were there in a minutes notice but I know there were many… Maybe not Susan or JG but ACO’s, intake workers and kennel workers were there as well as the many volunteers… I see acknowledgements of such on facebook pages of several as well as NKL’s…yes greggy only mentioned his lacky in the thanks but we should not be as blind as he is….. and be thankful as well it was not as bad as the last time…….

  2. The point is that Greg Fischer consistently ignores reality at Metro Animal Services.

    And reality is Susan Neumayer had jack shit to do with what went down.

  3. I cannot argue with either point you make…. What i have been saying all along is that he has no idea what it is like over there nor what the employees go through on a day to day or night to night basis… I suggested to my council person that all members should spend 2 hours each on the road with an ACO to better understand what they are facing… As well as even 1 hour each at the shelter on Manslick… Of course she responded that they had all information they needed….. on another note— I wonder how much of the extra 2.4 million added to budget is going to correct any issues with Manslick facility???

  4. Adhra,

    probably none of the 2.4 million added is going to LMESS. Remember Fischy had his folks paint a rosy picture to the Council and those morons are too full of themselves to go see how bad it is. Fischy could have looked like a hero last night if would already decided to give NKL the chance no one else has the guts to do. Instead of premature posting to Twitter or facebook or praising one of his own who didn’t do a damn thing. He could have posted, ” I appreciate the efforts of the volunteers and staff that quickly responded to a potentially difficult situation.” That’s why I chose NKL for this public/private partnership for the betterment of lives of our pet population in the community.” Instead of using political ploy and scoring positive points with public, I’m sure the moron didn’t know the level of damage done ( see Jake’s earlier post) because he was in the basement of his multi-million dollar home that his daddy’s money got him. This guy is a joke. He clearly is clueless and his staff are just as clueless.

  5. oh, I am sure that there is no money in there for capital exp for Manslick facility… never was and never will be this year at least… WHether it is MAS with new director or NKL running it, they will beg for money just for food as always…. How a govt department has to beg for donations for the basics is totally beyond my comprehension…. would be like the army begging for donations of bullets….. and the council is just as lost on this as mayor boy …. as for last night, at least the interim director was there during the flooding whereas Sudiqua was home safe and dry as was our great leader mayor…….

  6. I am having to play devil’s advocate here. What if he is operating on bad information being given to him by others wishing to make themselves look good. I know of at least one instance when this has occurred in the past , when another agency head was given credit for work done by folks outside that agency.

  7. The mayor is definitely operating on bad information AND it’s his own fault for not clearing that up and finding out the truth.

    Meanwhile – it is so frustrating to constantly get the phone calls for help, responding to it, then having the efforts of so many incredible people ignored. THAT’S what’s frustrating and ridiculous and turns people off from helping.

    I’m so tired of having an administration that wants to discount the community’s involvement and support, especially that of No Kill Louisville, for LMAS and many of its staff while asking us constantly for help.

    I will always help even though I’m sick of that hypocrisy because the animals are what matter here but I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy exists.

  8. Doing it once would be understandable. But DOZENS of times? Every time he says something about LMAS after he has solid information?

  9. As far as the military begging for bullets, no, but when the war in Iraq started they were begging for equipment. Soldiers were dying from lack of armor on vehicles and body armor. Families were raising money to send equipment to thier kids who were writing home begging for help.

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