4 thoughts on “Climate Change Linked To Crazy Horrible Weather?

  1. It’s always good and healthy to ask questions. However, we should be careful not to treat those questions as scientific facts, regardless of the pressure of the consensus argument. There is no argument that Earth has warmed over the past few decades, but it unclear if that change is man-made, a natural cycle. or a combination of both.

    Just like people tend to mistakenly attribute an alien spacecraft to any unidentified light in the sky, we should be careful not to attribute any perceived change in the climate to increases in atmospheric CO2 levels.

    Science has absolutely nothing to do with consensus, but rather has everything to do with repeating testing and replication of a similar result. The reality is that it is scientifically impossible to prove what impact mankind has on global climate because the historical and current data sets are very limited, and the various input factors are tremendously variable, complex, interconnected, and beyond our ability to isolate and back them out of the climate equation. Even if someone were to figure out the model, it would take multiple decades, if not centuries, to show the model to be accurate. Then you would need to replicate the model again to show the same result.

    As someone who has spent a great deal of time trying to find a solution to acid mine drainage from abandoned strip and coal mines, there are more than enough reasons to wean ourselves from coal and oil that are non-debatable.

  2. This country should take global warming as seriously as China seems to. We should wean ourselves off of oil and the internal combustion engine the moment China does…

    /sarcasm off

  3. Your sarcasm points to the fatal flaw in the current administration’s belief that the “Green Jobs” business plan will create prosperity in this country. We do not exist in a vacuum or an island where our competitors are playing by the same rules as we are. To ignore this fact, is to out detriment. This is why their belief that artificially raising the cost of hydrocarbons in an attempt to create a market for innovation, is fundamentally flawed. This would work, only if consumers and businesses were not given other cheaper alternatives. China, India, and the developing worlds, offer that immediate alternative. As such, any development of alternative energy would have to be developed like a B2 Stealth bomber was, independent of the general economy which is based on a relatively cheap hydrocarbons.

    We very easily could switch from oil and coal-based economy, to a natural gas-based one, which would be a step forward with reduction to emissions, natural destruction of the environment, while still remaining competitively cheap.

  4. While we’re at it, let’s stop the cows from farting, too. Before they smarten up, fart in unison, and send the entire planet Earth off its course and to certain icy doom.

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