Al Mohler: Bigoted Or Just Flipping Stupid?

Just when you think Al Mohler and the Southern Baptist Theological Brainwashing Cult couldn’t get any more crazy and bigoted, the buffoon makes Anti-Semitic statements like this:

One of the nation’s most prominent evangelicals has entered the debate over whether Anthony Weiner will benefit from therapy, encouraging the embattled Jewish New York congressman to try Jesus instead.

Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, tweeted this message of the weekend: “Dear Congressman Weiner: There is no effective ‘treatment’ for sin. Only atonement, found only in Jesus Christ.”


“Rep. Weiner’s problem has to do with the fact that he is a sinner, like every other human being, regardless of religious faith or affiliation,” Mohler wrote. “Christians — at least those who hold to biblical and orthodox Christianity — believe that salvation is found through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in him alone.”

Mohler called the controversy over his tweet “another sign of how politically incorrect biblical Christianity is becoming in our times.”

Click here to read the rest at CNN. And then try to stop gagging.

What the hell is it with these people? Mohler has to be insane. He’s gone from not being a bigot to being crazier than Connie Marshall in less than a year.

I’d love to hear Mohler spew that tripe at the Jewish Community Center or in any setting made up of people not from his cult on the hill.

17 thoughts on “Al Mohler: Bigoted Or Just Flipping Stupid?

  1. So, believing that Jesus actually meant what he said in John 14:6 makes one a bigot and anti-semite? To believe that God came to earth as a man (a Jew, ironically enough), made atonement for human mistakes, and then to invite a man to embrace that atonement makes one a hater of Jewish people? That doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

  2. What makes one a bigot is telling someone who is Jewish that they need to accept Jesus in order to be worth anything after wrongdoing.

    That makes plenty of sense to most people who can think.

    Quit with the spin or stop reading. Jesus, Jehova, Allah, whatever, not welcome here. Especially when used in the ridiculous defense of Al Mohler.

  3. Jake and Steve,
    Eventually you will be wrong. No need to debate or to talk down to folks because you own the site. Don’t give me the “quit reading if you don’t like it” statement either. You aren’t a worthless, bad, awful, or an inferior person because you don’t believe Jesus is the Way, you are just wrong. You will stand accountable for your actions one day as well as myself and Al Mohler. If you are right, then no harm no foul and we wind up worm food. If I am right then there in lies the problem for you and Steve. Anywhere in between and we are all in trouble. Blogging won’t help anyone into heaven and being a good and moral person won’t either. There is only one way to heaven and whether or not you believe it doesn’t make it any less real. If I had to make a bet I would say you and Steve had a bad experience with “Church or Religion” along the way and have never really had a relationship with Jesus. Big difference and even some folks on the hill with Mohler will find this out one day. Big difference between religion and relationship. Once again, great people who do awesome things and live a moral life, go to hell without a relationship without Jesus. Wrong doesn’t make you bad.

  4. I had a world history professor at university who claimed (then proved by surveying the recorded ‘numbers’ of dead) that more people have been killed arguing over religion than any other ‘thing’ in man’s recorded history. Which one is ‘right’? Which one is ‘best’? Who gives a shit? Why is it worth killing other people about? Mindboggling, isn’t it?

  5. Again, take your Jesus and Allah and Jehova and whatever elsewhere. Don’t try sugar-coating it.

    I don’t care if anyone’s feelings are hurt. I truly don’t. Also don’t care if you’re offended. You should know that by now.

    This is not a place to roll with your Jesus spin and veiled Anti-Semitism. Take it elsewhere.

  6. Don’t sugar-coat what? Can you actually argue that Jesus was a bad guy? You can’t. Just because your wrong doesn’t make you bad or awful. Does hell scare you or that fact that you are uncertain? What is your stance on death? Where do you go? What happens? Not anit-semitic just right. Jews are placed with all other non-believers of Christ and they are wrong to. Most Jews acknowledge Christ as a prophet but most missed the Messiah because they were looking for a king that would rule with a sword. Christ will rule with a strong hand and sword the second time around and some Jews will realize they missed him the first time. Once again, not hating but just right. My only question to you is “what would you do if someone placed a loaded gun against your head and gave you to the count of three?” I know what you say you would do but I know what you would do and that is pray. Hope you pray to the “right” guy and Jesus is that guy. Jesus never preached a word of hate or anti-semitisim. He just told folks they were wrong and their lifestyles were against His teachings. The only questions I have is when most people sin why do they sin in secret or the dark if what they are doing is so awesome. Once again, not bad just wrong.

  7. Yeah, I can, because I’m not a “Christian” and don’t believe in Jesus.

    Again, take the Jesus bullshit elsewhere. Not welcome here.

  8. Don’t believe he lived, was a good guy, or was the Messiah? Why do I have to take my opinion elsewhere? I thought your organization was about opinions and folks being able to express them? You sure have a lot of opinions about LMAS or are those facts and different? Still have the question of what happens to you Jake when you die? Where do you go or does life cease to exist? I think Jesus freaks you out because He stands on a different walk than you do. This doesn’t make you a bad person just wrong. Why isn’t He welcome here? You welcome everything from saving puppies to ratting our corrupt government officials ( I thank you for this one because they deserve to be outed) to supporting very liberal groups. Why doesn’t Jesus belong on here? Just because you don’t agree or believe in Him? You don’t believe in EVERYTHING that comes across your plate or support everything that you write about. Just trying to understand.

  9. I don’t believe in Jesus. Period. Or the bible. Or christianity. You have to take your opinion elsewhere because it isn’t welcome here. You can stay, Jesus shit can’t. Particularly not from asshats pushing Jesus on people borne of Jewish blood. Are you mentally retarded? Or just brainwashed? Get a grip.

    This site, and others, are about what we have to say. Not you. And occasionally about what others have to say when we like what they have to say. Always been that way. Always will be that way.

    Nothing about “Jesus” is factual – beyond a few fairytales.

    Take it elsewhere. If you can’t deal with it, take yourself elsewhere, too. I mean that. I don’t play nice when it comes to people pushing beliefs.

    You’re done here if you can’t let go of the religious tripe.

  10. “What makes one a bigot is telling someone who is Jewish that they need to accept Jesus in order to be worth anything after wrongdoing.”

    Did he say that? I didn’t see that in the article. I can promise you that Mohler would say that Rep. Weiner is of tremendous worth, as would I. Inviting someone to encounter Jesus isn’t the same thing as saying they’re worthless without him, any more than an invitation to my house would imply that you’re worthless if you don’t come. And honestly, his being Jewish is completely aside the point as far as I’m concerned. I’m fine with Jewish people. I worship one, after all. 🙂

    “I don’t play nice when it comes to people pushing beliefs.

    Which is strange, since it seems you enjoy it yourself quite a bit. Dissention and the free exchange of ideas is a pretty powerful and awesome thing – your website is founded on it, after all. Peace to you.

  11. I have always found it amazing that over all the centuries and all the religions that have come and gone that so many people believe they have the One True Faith, and that all the other poor stupid, and obviously less intelligent, (and just all-around lesser) unbelievers will be… well you know the rest wailing, gnashing, bad haircuts.

  12. Actually, no, this website isn’t founded on anything of the sort.

    Yes, that’s what Al Mohler did with Twitter, that’s what he’s done since.

    I love love love it when some Southern Baptist cultists roll up here to concern troll. Love it. Almost as much as I love watching the closet case seminary students try to be heterosexual after moving to the big city.

  13. Jesus doesn’t belong here any more than Moses, Muhammad or Buddha does. This isn’t a religion forum and I am pretty sure any follower of those religions would argue that it is YOU that are wrong JSDE.

    And so the world is in constant state of fuckery- it wouldn’t be so if every one could keep their crazy to themselves and were not determined to be seen as right about something no one knows. Crazy.

  14. Dedicated Educator, I have no ownership in this site. Beyond that, please stop proselytizing to me — it’s not welcome, and if you had common sense, you would know that. You have no right to push your beliefs on me.

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