Some Fancy Rumors (Good Ones) About WAVE3

We hear through the gayvine that WAVE3, after wallowing in fourth place in the ratings, may be trying to bring some old favorites back into play.

They’ve resurrected John Belski’s blog, which says to us they’re trying to bring back a familiar face.

And we hear Jackie Hays has been spotted at the station this week, causing rumors of management trying to bring her back to spread like wildfire.

Something tells us no one in Louisville could or would complain about either, as they’re both beloved.

Nine Observations From A Bridges Debacle Meeting

The Say NO to Bridge Tolls folks sent out a release yesterday with nine observations from Tuesday evening’s Ohio River Bridges Debacle meeting:

  1. There were 48 speakers.
  2. Of those that mentioned tolls: 12 spoke in favor of tolls; and 22 spoke against tolls (or, almost 2 to 1 against tolls). The previous evening, at the Indiana bridge forum, while no formal tally was documented, there appeared to be about 3 to 1 against tolls.
  3. None of the 48 speakers argued against building the East End Bridge. Whereas about half spoke against building the downtown bridge.
  4. The first speaker was a college professor who asked that the Bridges Authority consider how tolls would add an extra fee to students who could least afford such a cost, especially due to the recent increased tuition expenses.
  5. The final speaker was Bill Cox, a former Federal Highway Administrator for Kentucky and who oversaw construction of the Snyder / I-265 Freeway. He recommended building the East End Bridge only and fixing Spaghetti Junction. Then determine if a new downtown bridge was needed.
  6. No speakers indicated a bridge should not be built. And, all speakers indicated the project should be built sooner and not later.
  7. Several speakers singled out the conservation group River Fields for their delaying lawsuit against the project. No one from River Fields spoke at the forum.
  8. All speakers were courteous, civil, informative, and for the most part, respectful, which is a true compliment to Kentuckiana residents.
  9. In summary: the resulting message to the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority is now clearer than ever: build the East End Bridge first, with no tolls.

It seems all of those people in the photo and all of those who spoke want the East End Bridge built – now.

Funny how the Bridges “Authority” ignores what the community wants.

LMAS Urgent Request – Please Help If You Can

Can you get to Metro Animal Services at 3705 Manslick Road today?

If so, PLEASE take anti-bacterial cleaning products to the facility. Any cleaner that says it’ll kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (like Lysol – get generic) will work. BLEACH.

Also in need of paper towels.

LMAS is shut down and staff are disinfecting everything after a case of distemper was confirmed.

UPDATE 2 HOURS LATER: FOX41 has a story about the mess. Press conference in ten minutes at 3:00 P.M.

This Maybe Isn’t A Great Thing For JBS Swift

Remember JBS Swift?


Check this out:

After watching the video, officials at Pleasanton, Calif.-based Safeway said they had stopped purchases from its supplier, JBS Swift, which distributes pork from the Iowa company, until an investigation into the conditions shown on the video can be completed.

“Safeway does not tolerate animal abuse of any kind and finds the images and animal handling practices contained in the Mercy for Animals video to be extremely disturbing and in violation of our animal welfare policies,” spokeswoman Teena Massingill said in a statement.

Kroger spokesman Keith Dailey said his company also had asked JBS Swift to investigate the conditions shown in the video. Until that investigation is completed, Kroger has told JBS Swift to stop supplying the chain with pork from the Iowa operation.

Here’s the sickening video mentioned above:

Makes you wonder about what goes on in Butchertown.

Greg Fischer On Luring In Manufacturing Business

So Greg Fischer’s in Chicago right now at a Clinton Global Initiative meeting discussing manufacturing initiatives, right?

He says that in the next couple weeks there will be an announcement that Louisville, Lexington and the Brookings Institute will forge some sort of team to bring manufacturing to two cities.

What are your predictions?

Quick, Everybody Say Goodbye To Sheldon Berman

Yesterday Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 57th day: “Asking Jack Conway to come clean is like asking cats to bark,” said Robertson. “I guess it’s possible…but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. We will continue to remind voters every day that they are held to a different standard than Jack Conway’s family and political buddies.” [Press Release]

You know things are bad when your mayor doesn’t know a particular section of your city is deep in poverty. [WLKY]

Looking for love again: abandoned buildings that ask cities for renewal. Louisville needs to get on this bandwagon ASAP. [Fast Company]

Sheldon Berman’s probably not gonna let the door hit him on the rear when he skips town today. His interim replacement will be making $680 per day, more than many (most?) people make in a week. [C-J/AKN]

There is zero reason for Ed Springston to address the Metro Council regarding Judy Green’s lack of ethics. Council just needs to remove her and be done with it. No sense in wasting time and money on it. Just. Flipping. Do. It. [WFPL]

There’s a fancy Car-Free Happy Hour taking place in the South End this evening and you should probably check it out. [Consuming Louisville]

Bikes have really been around in Louisville. We love stories like this one. [Broken Sidewalk]

GE workers have ratified their new contract. So maybe local television outlets only interviewed those with negative comments before the vote. [FOX41]

Something tells me there are more than five economic lessons the United States could learn from Sweden, the rock star of the recovery. [WaPo]

Police in Southern Indiana broke up an interstate drug ring. [WAVE3]

We forgot about it this year but the Belle of Louisville won the Great Steamboat Race yesterday. [C-J/AKN]

An air quality alert has been issued for today. So, you know, don’t breathe the air. [WHAS11]

GLP Releases New Report On City Of Louisville

Has anyone read this Competitive City Report from GLP?

They say these are their key findings:

  • Education: Young women are leading the way in education attainment with 39% of those age 25-34 holding a bachelor’s degree or higher – almost reaching the community goal of 40%. As a result, Louisville registered the second highest rate of improvement among its peer cities in the educational level of young adults, moving up from 11th to 8th in the rankings.
  • 21st Century Jobs: In the Next Economy, The Brookings Institution says, successful metros will be “export-oriented, driven by innovation, low-carbon, and rich in opportunity.” Louisville’s relatively strong manufacturing base ranks it in the top third of major metros on exports, however Louisville’s work to strengthen the innovation economy is slower in gaining traction.
  • Quality of Place: Indicators of family well-being over the decade reveal alarming evidence of a widening gap, with increasing rates of poverty spreading into many quarters of the community and dramatic increases in vacant and abandoned homes and property.

Dug through it yet? What are your thoughts?

Let’s Bang Our Heads On The Desk Repeatedly

Remember when your momma told you not to say anything if you couldn’t find something nice to say? Yeah, we’ll try really hard not to roll our eyes over that parental farce.

We’ll believe the Fairness Campaign is “working hard to implement a statewide anti-discrimination fairness law” when they bother trying to work with Republicans and Democrats who oppose them in order to get something accomplished. Until then, we’ll continue to tell readers that Fairness is doing the opposite of working toward real equality in Frankfort.

They believe they’re working toward equality, and, uh, playing pat-a-cake with Kathy Stein and Meemaw Mary Lou is fine and dandy – but nothing more than that.

The organization’s director and board members have repeatedly refused to try working with the opposition. Remember Senate Bill 16? That didn’t die because of Fairness and all the director could do was sit in Heine Brothers making excuses.

As stories like this one illustrate, it’s going to take more than liberal allies in a super-conservative state like this Commonwealth to get something as simple as an anti-discrimination policy put into place.

We don’t dislike Fairness and try to support the organization whenever possible. We don’t doubt their actual dedication and hopes for Kentucky. It’s just a shame to watch them ignore and shun resources at their fingertips merely because they’re questioned or criticized… and then constantly hitting up against brick (stone?) walls.