Wow: Some C-J Staffer Is Unbelievably Bitter

Check this out. Some Courier-Journal staffer is incredibly bitter at the Herald-Leader:

That’s not just obscene, it’s horribly unprofessional and shows you just what kind of mentality is eating that place alive. The bitterness, the backstabbing, the hunger for power, thinking they’re above their colleagues.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Commonwealth has a journalistic community that (like it or not, that includes this site) tries hard to work together in a respectful manner.

6 thoughts on “Wow: Some C-J Staffer Is Unbelievably Bitter

  1. Looks to me like the script they ran screwed up. They probably just don’t want twitter results with swear words or competitors popping up when searching twitter for kyelect.

    I’m sure if the herald leader was coming up on the home page of the CJ we’d all have a laugh at their expense so I can’t really blame them for filtering it out

  2. I’m a huge nerd and that doesn’t appear to be a script for exclusion.

    The paper is ignorantly attempting to blame it on Facebook, it seems.

  3. Phil S. wins the prize. Sorry to burst your conspiracy theory, Jake. That’s exactly what happened.

  4. So there are two official stories rolling out of the C-J. Nice.

    And, looky there! It’s John Mura! The guy who pretends not to read our websites and who demanded we remove a photograph of a C-J paper box last year.

    It’s almost as cute as the mayor’s office saying there’s no special relationship with the C-J while the mayor’s spokesperson is offering favors to C-J reporters because he “knows people at Ford.” Ha.

  5. Dear Captains Obvious: You realize I’m giving the paper a hard time, right?

    Primarily because they shit their fucking pants any time I breathe incorrectly? And because they freak their shit at the mere thought of criticism or competition?

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