Where Was WAVE3 on LMAS Three Years Ago?

FINALLY! The Kentucky Humane Society says it will not bid on the Metro Animal Services contract. Hilarious that WAVE3 is taking credit for the Metro Animal Services stories. If anyone in television did any real investigative work, it was Bennett Haeberle. But I’m pretty sure some print journalists (not at A Kentucky Newspaper, as Chris Poynter would have you believe), but at LEO and right here. This is almost as funny as that time WHAS11 claimed responsibility for uncovering the Robert Felner scandal and submitted its work for awards. [WAVE3]

I mean, this is turning out to be one of the craziest drug bust situations in Southern Indiana in years. We’ve been hearing stories about it for months and can’t believe charges have finally come down. [News & Tribune]

There are tons of lingering questions in the wake of the Kentucky Retirement Systems scandal(s) and we’re asking them. This afternoon, we’ll begin answering them. [Page One]

Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 23rd Day: “Jack Conway’s tenure as Attorney General has been mired in scandal and personal turmoil,” said Robertson. “And he fails on the issues that matter to Kentuckians. At some point, we must all ask ourselves if we can stomach another term with this man.” [Press Release]

Yesterday, Greg Fischer unveiled his first budget for Metro Government. [WFPL]

Now we can’t even taking our prostitutes to gas station restrooms because we could die of the meth fumes? [WHAS11]

Feel free to take a look at it all for yourself. [Click the Clickky]

United States Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun looks back on his time in that country and discusses what it can teach the world about balance. [The Local]

What? Yet another list of great cities that Louisville didn’t make? [Mashable]

Just about everybody believes Barack Obama experiences political problems because of the color of his skin. But next to no one believes Judy Green’s problems are because of the color her skin. [The Hill]

Wonder if Michelle Jones realizes she should be severely punished for making us all crave Vietnam Kitchen? [Consuming Louisville]

People are absolutely freaking about about the coming LG&E rate hike. [FOX41]

7 thoughts on “Where Was WAVE3 on LMAS Three Years Ago?

  1. Look, I love it here as much as anyone else, but Anthony Bourdain said it best: there are only two real cities in America: New York and Chicago. The rest is just a bunch of sprawl around business centers. True life.

  2. Re: KHS Mess at LMAS

    The Media ‘Shot Across the Bow’ Award goes to then-reporter Stephen George at LEO Weekly, who broke the story on August 30 of 2006 with a lengthy piece still available in LEO’s online archives . ( LEOs reportorial mantle passed to Jonathan Meador, who has earned his stripes with expert coverage for several years.)

    Shortly after LEO’s scoop, WAVE3 jumped into the fray with Connie Leonard getting in the most punches early on. Other TV stations followed as the years (and horror stories) continued.

    Most notable are Bennett Haeberle of FOX41 (ever remembered for chasing a chastised Meloche down the hallway after a Metro Council meeting), and Andy Alcock, whose in-depth series won a news Emmy, and deservedly so.

    And, of course, the ‘Relentless Rampager’ Award for non-stop, scream-it-from-the-rooftops coverage would go to our fair blogger, Mr. Jacob Payne.

    The trials and tribulations of LMAS must be one of the longest news cycles in Jefferson County politics, and certainly one of the most disgusting.

    The fact that nearly SIX YEARS after it was exposed as a cesspool of corruption, it continues to operate with impunity is shocking enough.

    However, what’s worse is that NO good fix is being proposed for it. Despite his campaign promises to bring swift and decisive change to the agency, Mayor Fischer continues to dissemble. And, as is so often the case with LMAS-related events, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse…it does.

    The mayor’s latest ineptitude has him planning to split the sheltering portion of LMAS from the animal-control portion–an idea that worked well for King Solomon, not so much for the Fischer King.

    It will spell continued disaster for an agency too-long plagued with trouble, continued disaster for pet owners who won’t see any improvement in services, continued disaster for the tax-payers by spinning off their dollars into private hands, and continued disaster for the Animal Inmates as nothing is being done to address the ACO-fed “supply chain” of pets that continuously feeds the gaping maw of the incinerator.

    The question, Mr. Mayor, is this: If you can’t adequately educate yourself about the issues with your dog catcher and fix this problem, why the hell would any company in its right mind trust your judgment and relocate here?

    All I know is that Hal had the perfect solution for this whole thing already worked out, and it would have happened during week one of his administration.

  3. First of all – this isn’t about me.

    I was poking fun at WAVE3 claiming credit for all this. Reality is that two women have given Alcock, Haeberle, Connie their stories. I could go on for days about your personal friendships with at least one of those people who just “reports” everything you say verbatim. So it’s silly for you two to act like this is some big journalistic effort worthy of praise or awards.

    It’s just silly for WAVE to claim credit when others have done the brunt of the work. And, like it or not, Bennett has, Stephen George did and so did Phillip Bailey. Even WFPL has worked hard lately.

  4. YouShoulda- can you supply a link to Hal’s solution? Maybe it should get some public airing.

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